52,000 Take A Stand Against The FDA

by Ana Micka
Citizens for Health

Thanks to your efforts, we exceeded – in fact doubled – our goal of sending 25,000 letters to ensure that the voice of the natural health consumer was heard. Over 52,000 consumers from across the country flooded the FDA with comments before the February 1st (2005) deadline.

This absolutely amazing grassroots response from consumers clearly demonstrates to policymakers how committed people are to preserving their health rights. Many of us rely on dietary supplements for our health and will take action to maintain access to these health choices.

This extraordinary grassroots reaction clearly proves that we can be a powerful voice and get the attention of decision makers in Washington and in the states. We can create better health policies, expand access to natural health solutions and prevent the government and powerful pharmaceutical and medical special interests from trespassing on our rights to make independent health decisions.

The strength of our movement comes from people, which is why we are asking for your help today. We rely on donations from grassroots supporters. Please make a secure contribution right now online so we can continue to safeguard and expand your healthcare rights. Click here for more details

This action network is amazing and powerful – the activity over the past month is truly inspiring – and points to the potential of what we can accomplish together.

Thousands of you also responded to our recent Vision and Volunteer questionnaire.

You said loud and clear that you want Citizens for Health to …

  • Protect your health rights in Congress and from international rulemaking
  • Expand healthcare funding to cover more products and services
  • Pomote organic and healthy agriculture

You envision a society where individuals are full participants in creating health and are given the freedom to choose their health products and practitioners.

There are millions of others who share our vision and want to be part of a powerful collective voice – but we need additional resources to reach out, support and organize these efforts. Please contribute today – memberships start at $19. Click here for more details. Larger donations allow us to ry out and implement our national campaigns.

Individuals from every corner of the country wrote to the FDA during their recent comment period discussing new approaches to regulating New Dietary Ingredients. Over 30,000 letters were sent in the last week alone! Together, we are building a powerful grassroots voice to protect and expand our natural health choices.

Many of you are emailing and asking…WHAT’S NEXT???

Based on your feedback and input, here’s our plans.

I. Supporting continued access to dietary supplements

Standing up for our health rights was step one during this process at the FDA. Citizens for Health will continue to support DSHEA -the bill that guarantees your access to dietary supplements. The next few months are critical. We will closely monitor the implementation and interpretation of this foundational consumer health bill. We will be meeting with agency officials soon to represent the concerns and priorities of natural health consumers. Stay tuned – Depending on the agency’s next steps, we will alert you to any further actions we need to take.

II. Your Priorities

Thousands of you responded to our recent Vision and Volunteering questionaire. (If you haven’t, please take a minute to tell us what you care about by clicking here. )

Your top priorities are protecting your health rights and freedoms, expanding funding options for natural health choices and promoting organic food. You want to help create a society where individuals are full participants in creating health and are given the freedom to choose their health products and practitioners. And you see a strong need to shift from treatment based healthcare to a broader health and wellness system.

You also felt strongly about reducing the power wielded by the pharmaceutical industry and holding Congress, the FDA and USDA accountable to the real health interests of the American people – not the special interests.

You believe this will be accomplished by giving a powerful national voice to the millions of Americans who rely on and support natural and integrative health and wellness choices.

In response, we are creating several national outreach efforts and campaigns.

  • The One Million Voices campaign will grow the action network to 1,000,000 strong. This powerful grassroots constituency will be heard and gain attention for our priorities and perspectives.
  • The Dietary Supplement Tax Fairness Campaign will make your dietary supplement purchases tax free.
  • The Codex Campaign is protecting DSHEA and our health rights.
  • The Healthy Kids Project promotes healthy school lunches and environments.

Over 400 of you have volunteered your time and talents to help create and implement these campaigns.

Citizens for Health is working hard and effectively at protecting and expanding your health care choices. Now we need you to work with us. We are a grassroots group and rely on your financial and volunteer support. We need you to keep taking actions, share your time and talents, and make a financial contribution if you are able. Click here for details

In health,

Ana Micka
Citizens for Health

P.S. We can protect your health rights, promote safer and healthier food and turn the tables in Washington, putting critical decisions about the health and wellness back in the hands of individuals…if we can count on your support.

The Health Action Center is a joint effort of The Campaign for Better Health and Citizens for Health. We provide you with a way to easily send emails and faxes to support healthier choices and practical solutions to solve our nation’s serious healthcare crisis.

FEEDBACK: If you need to get in contact with us (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself), send an email tocomments@healthactioncenter.org

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  1. Jake Morris

    Some doctors and the so called “A.M.A.” think, that they have a monopoly on our health system. THEY NEED TO THINK AGAIN!!!. Our health belongs only to our GOD ABOVE and ourselves thank you LORD. Only our CREATOR decides our fate, NOT the so called “A.M.A.” Or any doctor for that matter. They POISON the very AIR we breathe, the WATER we drink and the FOOD we eat and the so called “F.D.A.” APROVES IT. They CAUSE SICKNESS, ILNESS and DISEASE and then they want to CUT us open like lab rats and then they want to PUMP us full of DANGEROUS POISONS and CHEMICALS APROVED by the so called “F.D.A.”, like the “CHEMO AND RADIATION THERAPY” so, they can get 30 or 60,000 DOLLARS a pop from our insurance or TAX money. Some of us DO NOT APROVE!!! Of their EVIL and GENOCIDAL TACTICS so they can have better cars, homes and more land for themselves and their loved ones. Have mercy.

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