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Silver Wire Purity

What purity of silver wire should be used?

The silver wires we (SOTA Instruments) use are .9999 pure (Four 9). This is the best that is readily available. We order our silver directly from the refinery in large quantities. The refinery we use is Handy & Harmon. They can be reached at 1-800-24-CARAT. This "Four 9" grade of silver is the best that can be bought for a reasonable price.

NOTE: Many companies incorrectly refer to silver wire purity. Three 9 silver or .999 silver is the mathematical equivalent of 99.9%. Three 9 silver is the minimum grade for colloidal silver production.

The next step up in grade is Four 9 silver or .9999, which is mathematically equivalent to 99.99%.

The highest grade of silver that man can make commercially is Five 9 silver or .99999, which is mathematically equivalent to 99.999%.  Five 9 silver is an incredibly difficult purity to manufacture and requires extremely precise manufacturing methods and very costly equipment. Expect to pay 5-10 times more for this ultra-pure silver, if you can even find it!

The error you will come across stems from manufacturers stating that their silver is Three 9 silver and refering to it as being 99.999%.  Even more misleading is when it is incorrectly stated that their Four 9 silver (.9999) is actually 99.9999%. Nothing could be further from the truth! 99.9999% would be the same mathematically as .999999, which is actually Six 9 silver!

The technology to make "real" Six 9 (.999999) silver is not here yet. If it were, it would cost over 100-500 times the cost of Four 9 (.9999) silver.

Can you see how easily people can be mislead by the grade of the silver?

Our manufacturer has always used and sold Four 9 (.9999) pure fine silver. We have the assay test on file to prove this fact.

Ask for this document from your silver supplier.  Any reputable company would have a copy of this in their records.


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