Probiotic Supplements

What is Royal Flora?

Royal Flora is a unique, stable, probiotic supplement made up of friendly soil based micro organisms with a proven track record. These help stabilize the colonic ph and restore the proper bacterial balance (we should have a balance of about 85% good to 15% harmful orroyalfloraganisms in the intestinal tract) known as homeostasis, by crowding out the bad bacteria.

The Royal Flora formula is not made like all the other probitics. Its efficacy is measured in the fact that it lives in its own natural food source and the organisms have a natural symbiotic relationship. The organisms are viable and know how to communicate to various organs in the body. It is a natural chelating agent, so the humic/fulvic acids provide essential minerals/trace elements that are building block for activation of digestive enzymes. Royal Flora goes beyond probiotics.

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Blood Pressure Kit

Your Doctor At Home

Studies reveal that blood pressure is the major medical problem in the world. An abnormal stress on the circulatory system leads to blood pressure and other related diseases such as stroke, heart attack and heart failure.

Gdigital-wrist-blood-pressure-monitorenerally, high blood pressure has no specific symptom; the only way to know about it is to have some medical tests done. A regular check-up of blood pressure is essential to monitor your health and to prevent the conditions from worsening further. In standard blood pressure measuring system, doctors use an arm cuff which is pumped up and the result is displayed on the setting.


Greens First CapsulesA Brand New Revolutionary Product!

Greens First, the leader in the industry for over 12 years, announces an exciting new addition to the family! Introducing our revolutionary new CAPSULES, a convenient way to get your fruits and vegetables each day. No more measuring and mixing, just easy to grab and go capsules!

The whole food, plant-based nutrition found in Greens First Capsules delivers powerful phytonutrients, antioxidants and more to help nourish, alkalize and balance your whole body.

Lose Weight by Knowing Your Body Fat Percentage

natural-weightHow can knowing your body fat percentage help you lose weight? Body weight alone is not a good indicator of your health. When it comes to maintaining or achieving the best body weight for you there are two important factors to consider: body fat percentage and muscle mass.

There is good fat and bad fat. The good fat is required to cushion certain parts of the body such as the bottom of our feet and around delicate organs in the body. We do not want to lose this as it is necessary. The worst fat is that which accumulates excessively around the abdomen where it invades the internal organs, producing hormones that upset body chemistry and causes restrictions to normal organ function. The dangers of excess fat include diabetes, heart disease, kidney and circulatory problems, and even cancer.

Five Ways to Relax Anywhere

by Andy Smith

Sometimes you need to relax when you’re out and about and it’s not convenient to take twenty minutes to lie down and relax totally: maybe on your way to a crucial appointment, in an interview, giving a presentation, or any other situation normally regarded as highly stressful. Here are five ways to relax that you can use to relax anywhere.

1. Peripheral vision

RelaxLook at the wall opposite you and find a point which is straight ahead and a little above eye level. Continue to look at this point in soft focus throughout this exercise. After a while you may find that as you concentrate on this point the rest of the room goes a little dark, or vague, or fuzzy, and you develop a kind of tunnel vision. We use this tunnel vision a lot in modern society ? watching TV or using a computer, we only see the screen; when we read or write, we are focused on the words; even when we talk to someone, we often only look at their eyes or their face and ignore the rest of them. This tunnel vision goes with a kind of inner ‘tunnel vision’, where we get obsessed or fixated on things, and it goes with worry, adrenaline, rushing around, stress.

The Truth About Cancer

cancer-step-outside-the-boxYou’ve heard him on the radio, and may have seen the The Truth About Cancer Docu-Series with host Ty Bollinger, but you can get his book at Tools For Healing !

If you are concerned about Cancer – Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger is a “Must Read” book. It reveals the most potent and well-proven alternative strategies for preventing and treating cancer without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer

 – an inexpensive diagnostic device

by Dennis Harwood

The Syncrometer by Hulda Clark

SyncrometerThe Syncrometer is an electronic device developed by Dr. Hulda Clark to allow for the rapid and accurate detection of various substances in the human body. Based on her research into the causes of human diseases, Dr. Clark has discovered that all diseases are caused by only two things: Parasites and Toxins. If you eliminate either or both of these in the human body (or animals, too), disease can be eliminated. Unfortunately, although eliminating diseases such as cancer or AIDS from the body is relatively easy, rebuilding the damage they have done can be time consuming and difficult. I have read that for every year you are ill with a particular disease, it can take a month of doing everything right to regain normal health. Whether this is true or not, I’m not sure, but it sounds about right. The problem is, how many people are able to do everything right for even a few weeks, much less a few months! I do know it can take a long time to rebuild health that has been going downhill for years, so give health the time it needs and don’t get in too big of a hurry.

An Interview with Dr. Hulda Clark

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by Cathleen Hodgson

drclarkIt was interesting to interview Dr. Clark. With all the fear and lack of hope expressed in society it was refreshing to hear of a possible solution. One of her main points was the distinction between having the cancer go away vs. becoming well, as in a change of lifestyle, which caused the illness in the first place. She was also respectful of the medical field and validated the importance the medical doctors role in the healing process.