Bob Beck – A Great Man has Passed Away

by Russell Torlage

The Great Man has passed away.

Last night, Sunday June 23, 2002 at 11:40 PM, Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc. departed from this world. After a nasty fall which created water on his brain, Bob’s heart eventually gave out and cardiac arrest followed. Bob is survived by his loving wife, Johanna Beck.

I have had the supreme honor to know and work closely with Bob Beck. Over the many years Bob and I have become very close friends, and his loss saddens me deeply. What I remember so fondly of Bob was his loving heart and desire to help mankind. This he did without ever seeking rewards, and did so tirelessly. Always there to listen, always there to give. His dream was to give to the people of the world technologies that would help them “take back their power” in health and in life.

Bob relentlessly pursued his passion, and succeeded where most others failed. His amazing intellect was eclipsed only by his generosity. So many people today owe their lives to Bob, and his revolutionary discoveries. Many people have benefited from Bob’s work, and are grateful that he followed his dream.

I salute you Sir, and bow my head in reverence and respect. You did very well My Friend, and I will hold your memories in my heart for safekeeping. Thank-you so very much Bob for allowing me into your very private life. The journey has been wonderful, and I will continue to keep your dream alive as long I am able to. You have given me a life mission, and I thank-you. You will not be forgotten, ever. Godspeed to your new shores Dear Friend.

In loving memory,

Russell Torlage

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