Quick and Easy Energy Exercises

by Barbara Ann O’Leary from the book “Energy Medicine”, by Donna Eden.

While waiting at a red light:

Do the 3 Thumps. Remember to breathe deeply while you do these.

  • Thump 1 [K-27]: Vigorously tap your K-27 points. You’ll find them about an inch beneath and slightly out from the inner edge of your collarbone. This gets your energies running forward. You’ll feel more alert.
  • Thump 2 [Thymus]: Give your immune system some help. Tap the center of your sternum to activate the healing energies of your Thymus gland.
  • Thump 3 [Spleen]: Firmly tap your spleen neurolymphatic points located one rib below your breasts. They’re likely to be sore, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. Stimulating these points helps rebalance your body chemistry and metabolize food and ideas.