Honolulu Bans Flouride in Drinking Water

Fluoride outlawed – Honolulu finalizes enactment of water quality ordinance

HONOLULU — After close to five decades of citizens and legislators in Hawaii diligently defending their right to drink water free of intentional medications and contamination, Mayor Jeremy Harris has finalized the enactment of a unique water quality ordinance that pro-actively preserves the rights of consumers in the City and County of Honolulu and Island of Oahu.

Flouridation Halted * Cavaties Decrease

by www.mercola.com

When several regions in the former East Germany halted the artificial fluoridation of their water, they braced themselves for an expected rise in dental caries (cavities). However, as it turns out, they needn’t have worried at all, since dental decay rates actually WENT DOWN.

Although this outcome would seem contrary to commonly held beliefs, researchers hypothesize that the broader availability and application of preventive measures such as fluoride toothpaste, as well as improvements in attitudes towards oral health behavior.

Floride – the Lunatic Drug

The article below is quite a bit to digest, particularly if you believe all the advertising you seen or read to the contrary for umpteen years, where fluoride is purported to be good for your teeth. Personally, I’ve avoided fluoride toothpaste and used filtered water for a number of years because of the many, many articles I’ve read about the dangers. I have no way of verifying everything in the article, so take it with a grain of salt, but the warnings about fluoride are not too far off the mark in my opinion – personal opinion only – no studies on file or anything :).I’m not sure where this article originated. I present it only as an interesting bit of info that needs further thought and careful consideration- Dennis

York Review Misrepresented Facts

by Health Action Network Society

For Immediate Release


VANCOUVER – Only six days after almost every mayor newspaper around the world announced the results of a scientific review undertaken by the NHS Center for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York – reporting the fluoridation of public water supplies to be a safe public health measure – shocking evidence was presented Thursday during an interview aired on Vancouver radio station CKST AM 1040 which revealed that the review thought to be the “final word on fluoridation” might well turn out be the greatest scientific fraud ever undertaken by a center in charge of evaluating scientific information in the interest of public health.