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by Science Digest

“Silver, Our Mightiest Germ Fighter,” (Science Digest, March 1978). As an antibiotic, colloidal silver kills over 650 disease causing organisms, and resistant strains fail to develop. Silver is the best all-around germ fighter we have and is absolutely non-toxic! Doctors report that, taken internally, it works against syphilis, cholera, malaria, diabetes and severe burns. Richard L. Davies, executive director of the Silver Institute which monitors silver technology in 37 countries, reports: “In four years we’ve described 87 important new medical uses for silver.”

Brigham Young University research states that Colloidal Silver is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent and is able to effectively stop the growth of, and in fact kill, a variety of bacteria. (Click here for the original article)

“…By establishing 100 parts of silver in a billion parts of water as hygienic for drinking in the Shuttle, NASA eliminates the need for the 1,000 to 1.500 ppb of chlorine generally used for purification…will provide Shuttle crews with 120 liters (32 gal.) of pure water daily for all uses within the Shuttle and for backpacks when the astronauts work outside the vehicle in space…” (Click here for the original article)

“Kills x organizms” doesn’t mean ‘cures y diseases’…just indicates a probability

SUGGESTED USE: As a mineral supplement. Recommended to be taken before bedtime or upon rising. After taking one teaspoon for four nights, take one-half-teaspoon at bedtime. May be taken as drops, teaspoons, or added to a glass of water. The fastest and best way to get C-S into the bloodstream is by swishing C-S in the mouth for 3-4 minutes. Also suggested is to combine with GATROADE which speeds assimilation according to reports on the silver discussion list. For acute conditions take every hour as needed. Do not refrigerate, shake before using.

Apply liberally and directly to cuts, scrapes, and open sores. As a Body and Hair Wash. Good results for pets as a wash / rinse for hot spots. Apply few drops to pets water dish.. Use in bandages to cover wounds. Use only Pure Distilled Water to clean wound and to keep the bandages moist.

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