Are there any side affects when killing Parasites?

Every person is different so there is not a single answer that will fit everybody. Generally, people may feel a little sluggish for a day or two, or may have a bit of a back ache, a headache, etc. Usually it’s pretty mild.

If you have a particular problem it may become worse for a few days as your body is attempting to clear out the dead and dying parasites.

All of these reactions are referred to as Herxheimer reactions, cleansing reactions, detoxing, etc. They are as varied as each individual. Many times people feel absolutely nothing and wonder if anything is happening.

On rare ocassions a very strong reaction can be experienced. Even rarer, a very few people are hit so hard they have to go to bed for a day to recover, but this is usually only in extreme cases with some one who is very toxic and knows it.

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