Can I select the frequencies my Zapper will use?

No. The only Zapper we are aware of that will let you select specific frequencies is the MiniFG.  It can be set from 1Hz to 999,999KHz.

Most Zappers only use one frequency of approximately 30KHz. A few, such as our RSG-4 and RSG-1, have three different frequencies that you can select, but you only get the three that are already programmed into the device, you can’t put in your own frequencies.

The Super Zapper DeLuxe has the ability to use Program Drivers or Smart Keys that change the frequencies being used, but you have no control over them.  The manufacturer programs the frequencies at the factory and they cannot be changed.  You can purchase a Smart Key with a single frequency that you must choose, but it cannot be changed once programmed.

The normal single frequency used by a Zapper is all that is needed to get results.  If you know what you are doing and/or don’t mind spending the money, time, and effort to learn more, you can target treatments by using specific frequencies, but you have to be willing to pay more and learn more before being able to do it successfully.

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