Can you ship products to other countries?

Unfortunately, due to an increase in import restrictions around the world, as of January, 2005 we are no longer shipping products world-wide.

It was a difficult decision to make (and financially hard as well because we sell so much internationally), but the hassles and costs of doing business outside of the U.S. have become too much.

The ONLY EXCEPTION are shipments to Canada.

In the past we have shipped virtually all of our products internationally. Because of ongoing problems with customs officials around the world and hassles with both the cost of delivery and delivery times, we made the decision to stop.

Truthfully, part of the problem is the large number of people who continue to complain about shipping charges, import fees, and taxes, and the few customers who think it’s okay to have an order shipped around the world (at our expense, not theirs) and then refuse it because they don’t want to pay an import tax.

We have posted all over our website statements that we have nothing to do with import fees and taxes and can do nothing to remove them or reduce them to any extent. And our discounted shipping costs are below the normal amounts charged by UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Yet, we keep getting harrassed by a few international customers who refuse to listen or pay attention.

The last part of 2004 thru January 2005 was tough because of the large number of problems with international shipments. It cost us a lot of money and a lot of aggravation before we made the decision to stop. Now, we constantly have people begging us to ship to them, and it’s difficult to say no. But we have made our decision and will not change it until the political climate around the world changes significantly to allow each of us the freedom to choose the health care we feel is most appropriate.

We sincerely hope all of the wonderful customers we’ve had over the years will understand and be able to find alternatives elsewhere. To the few customers who made life miserable for us, we hope you also find reasonable alternatives and wish you well on your journey to good health..

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