Do I have to be careful when taking drugs or herbs?

Yes, there is a small possibility of a problem called Electroporation.

Electroporation is a condition where the cells in the body become more permeable, meaning they are more porous and allow substances to enter them easier.  The result is that the effects of  medicines, herbs and such are magnified and more effective.

While that may not sound like a problem, it can be if you are taking very tightly controlled doses of drugs or herbs.  The concern is that electroporation may produce an overdose.  There are stories of people drinking lots of coffee and then using a device that produced an electroporation effect, causing a definite caffeine “buzz”.  With many modern, high-strength drugs overdosing is a definite concern and is not to be taken lightly.

Fortunately, there are some safe ways around the problem.  First, electroporation appears to happen in a very small percentage of the population, only about 2% – 4% or so.  This number is not definite, but is the best guestimate we’ve seen. So most people simply don’t have to worry about it.  Simply take reasonable precautions whenever using strong medicines or herbs.

Second, electroporation only appears to happen while using the Bob Beck blood electrification device (the Silver Pulser, Black Box, etc.) and is only present when the unit is turned on and current is flowing.  Turn it off and the effect goes away immediately.  It doesn’t hang around causing problems.

Hulda Clark Zappers, Magnetic Pulsers, Colloidal Silver makers, ozonators, etc. don’t appear to have the problem at all and can be used without concern.

So, in general, use your Bob Beck Silver Pulser first, then take your medicine as soon as you are finished and you won’t have any trouble.  Or put as much time between taking your drugs and/or herbs as possible before using the device to give it time to clear out of the blood stream.  Some Beck devices (such as our RSG1 and RSG2) have a selectable 100hz frequency that is supposed to drastically reduce or eliminate completely the electroporation effect.

Remember, there isn’t a lot of agreement on electroporation among researchers and there is some debate about whether it even exists.  What does seem to be true is that a very small number of people are sensitive and have to be careful when using a Beck blood electrifier.  Use common sense and go slowly in the beginning.

None of the statements above are to be taken as scientific or medical fact.  Use this information as you see fit at your own risk.  It is offered strictly as information only and not as medical advice in any form.

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