How does the RSG-1 work?

The RSG-1 Combo is a 3-in-1 combination device that includes a Colloidal Silver generator, a Bob Beck blood electrification Pulser, and a Hulda Clark Zapper.

To make Colloidal Silver, set the RSG1 on top of a glass full of distilled water.  Push the two silver wires that came with the RSG1 into the small holes in the middle of the unit until they are about an inch from the bottom of the glass ( or as far down as you can push them).  Turn the RSG1 on and push the Mode button to select “Silver”.  Then use the arrow buttons to set the amount of time you want it to run.  For a bit more info on making Colloidal Silver search the KnowledgeBase or select the Colloidal Silver category.

To use the RSG1 to do the Bob Beck blood electrification simply plug the cord with the two small stainless steel rods (about 1″ long, 1/8″ diameter) on one end into the connection on the right side of the RSG1 that is labeled “Pulser”.  Slip the small cotton sleeves over the stainless steel rods and wet them.  Now, take them and apply them to the inside of one wrist about an inch apart, right over your pulse point, and use the strap to hold them snugly in place.  Turn on the RSG1 and adjust the stainless steel rods on your wrist until you feel the pulsing the best.  Adjust the level of pulsing with the on/off control wheel to keep the pulsing from being too uncomfortable.  Keep the cotton sleeves moist every so often, and keep the current reasonbly high by adjusting it as needed.  The current level will vary on ocassions while pulsing.

To Zap with the RSG1 plug the cable with the red/black “banana” plugs on one end into the connection labeled “Zapper” and plug the banana plugs into the end of each of the handholds.  Cover the handholds with the larger cotton sleeves and wet them.  Turn the RSG1 on and select the Zapper mode with the mode button.  The RSG1 will start in the auto-program mode unless you press the mode button again and select “Zap cont”, which will set it for continuous zapping (the best way to zap for most people).

Make sure to unplug the extra cables, silver wires, etc. when changing the function from Zapping, Pulsing, and Colloidal Silver maker.

For more details check our KnowledgeBase or the instruction manual.

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