How long does it take for international orders to be delivered?

International shipping is done exclusively by DHL Express courier service on most of our products.

Please note: We no longer ship any products internationally. Canada is the only exception.

Delivery Times are typically around 4 – 6 days, plus whatever time it takes for your local customs officials to clear the package for delivery. Total time can be anywhere from one week to 4 weeks.

Because of their weight Foot Shakers and Stress Busters are drop-shipped for us by Parcel Post to keep the cost reasonable.  It can take up to 2 months for a delivery, so please be patient. Parcel Post deliveries can not be tracked, so please don’t call after a month asking where the package is.

Overseas delivery charges are quite a bit more expensive and the additional expense will be added to your order once it is processed.  We get discounted rates from DHL that are much lower than FedEx and UPS, but typical overseas shipments still add $20 – $30 in additional charges.  It actually costs us between $25 – $45 in courier fees for an overseas delivery, whether it’s a Silver Pulser, a video, or a $14 booklet.  Some countries are much more expensive than others. Larger and heavier packages are naturally even more expensive, so if you order multiple items expect a higher charge.  We do our best to keep shipping to a minimum, but it’s still expensive to ship international and there is little we can do about it.

We have no control over the length of delivery time or any import duties or taxes you may have to pay.

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