I’m very sick. Is a Zapper or Pulser safe for me to use?

We can’t know with certainty what effect our products will have on anyone. Every person is unique with unique health situations and unique needs. Most of our products have been used by many, many thousands of people world-wide for years with good results.

Keep in mind, Zappers and Pulsers tend to be used frequently by people who are very sick who have tried everything else (with few results) and feel as though they have nothing else to lose. The fact that the demand for these products is increasing is a testimony to their usefulness.

Please use your own judgement about buying anything from our website and do what feels comfortable to you. It’s easy to make decisions when ill and desperate for relief.

I’ve stated numerous times that, although I personally believe in miracles, I don’t sell them. Miracles happen, we just can’t claim in responsibility for them if you happen to be using one of our products at the time.

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