I’ve read the info about Zappers & Pulsers but I can’t make up my mind. Can you help?

If you’ve read the info on our website, visited other sites to get a balanced viewpoint, then there isn’t much else that we can add.  Zappers and Pulsers have been in use world-wide by hundreds of thousands of people since early to mid-90’s.  If they didn’t work the demand for these products wouldn’t keep growing every year.

All we can offer is the simple statement that there are no guarantees of effectiveness for any of our products.  But, when was the last time your doctor guaranteed anything he did?

Using these products is a personal choice, and one that we hope will still be legally allowed for years to come.  Please pay attention to the increased use of misinformation and downright lies about alternative health care products being spread by the media, the pharmaceutical companies, and the government.

It’s shocking to see products that have been used safely and effectively for decades, and in many cases centuries, suddenly be labeled as dangerous to your health.

If there is any doubt that our government is concerned with money more than the welfare of its citizens just look at the debacle over buying prescription drugs from Canada.  Anyone who says Canadian products are not as good or as safe is simply misinformed or has a special agenda.  You can decide which on your own.

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