I’ve tried placing an order online but your shopping cart won’t let me. What can I do?

The software we use for our shopping cart is very new and very state-of-the-art. It should run on just about any computer with internet access and any reasonably decent browser program. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc., should all work without problems.

On ocassions we hear someone say they can’t place an order because the shopping cart will disappear or it hangs up. The only issue we know of at this tme is with an Apple McIntosh computer running some dynamic Java scripts, which may not work correctly. Any other problems can only be attributed to software incompatibilities on your computerm which are impossible for us to do anything about.

If you simply can’t place the order, please accept our apologies. You can call your order directly in to us most days duiring typical business hours (Eastern time zone) toll-free at: 888-257-4273.

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