The pennies on my Terminator are dirty. How do I clean them?

Use any non-metallic scrubbing pad. The green or blue fiber pads available at most grocery stores work very well. Don’t get the ones with soap, disinfectants, etc. in them.

You don’t need to make the pennies shiny bright, just clean the obvious dirt off them with a few twists of your thumb using the scouring pad. Water is not needed.

Once you’ve used your Terminator for a few weeks you will notice that it doesn’t get as dirty as quickly.

The dirt on the pennies will act as an insulator and keep it from being as effective. As you use the Terminator and clean the pennies you will notice that you can’t get them looking shiny bright. A dark color won’t cause any problems, only when you get a build-up of dirt or “gunk” will the effectiveness decrease.

Don’t clean the pennies so much that you wear them out or knock them loose from the box.

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