The Terminator burns my skin some times. Is this normal?

The Terminator zapper uses pennies to make direct contact with the skin.  For many people their skin has a high acid level which may react to the current from the Terminator causing burning if it is left in the same spot too long.  Generally, for the first week or so, don’t use the Terminator for extended periods of 6 – 8 hours or longer unless you move it to different positions every few hours or so.

Start slowly with any Zapper, including the Terminator, until you have time to judge the affect on your body.  Usually, after about a week or so of daily use of the Terminator, the burning or stinging tends to go away or get noticably better.  The more you use the Terminator the easier it gets as the body adjusts and works on eliminating parasites and detoxing.

If you have a highly acidic diet you may continue having problems. Alkalyzing the body through changing the diet can be beneficial in many ways.  Taking Coral Calcium supplements appears to help many people.

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