What is a Zapper and how does it work?

The Zapper is a small battery powered electronic device that was developed by Dr. Hulda Clark and her son, Geoff Clark. They initially were trying to build a portable device that would “zap” (eliminate) the Human Intestinal Fluke parasite quickly and conveniently. They discovered that their device not only eliminated the Fluke, but also eliminated virtually every other parasite, virus, bacteria, mold, fungi, etc., that the current could reach.  It was a truly astounding discovery, and one with far-reaching implications in the health field.

This device can be made at home by the average person with only a soldering iron and a few simple tools.  Virtually all of the parts can be purchased from Radio Shack for under $30.00, the cost mostly depending on personal choices for the box, switches and wiring used.  You will need to go to a hardware store for the copper tubing.  The entire unit can be made in about four to five hours.  The complete plans are in Dr. Clark’s book “The Cure for All Diseases”.  There are some widely reported errors in the circuit design shown in the book, but the corrections are available from a variety of sources on the internet.  The book also contains step-by-step instructions for the electronically challenged that are correct and will allow you to make a unit with the correct square wave, including the spike that seems to be important (see Differences in Devices for an explanation).

If at all possible, take any unit you build to someone who has an oscilloscope and have them check the frequency and voltage being output, and most importantly, that a square wave is being produced.  Anything other than a square wave can be not just ineffective, but dangerous to your health.  So please be careful with untested home-made units.  Even pre-built units should be tested every so often.

From years of use on myself, family, and friends, I can attest to the usefulness of the Zapper.  It isn’t a “cure all”, it won’t eliminate colds and flu on contact, and it can’t kill every parasite in your body.  With all that it can’t do, however, it is still a very valuable item to have around the house, particularly if you have children (in my opinion).  The Zapper and  Bob Beck Blood Purifier (Silver Pulser) are not something you are going to strap onto a lot of young children.  Using the Zapper regularly will help reduce (not eliminate) many of the usual childhood illness that are so common in day care centers and schools all across the U.S.  Aflatoxin and Ergot mold toxins are particularly nasty substances that are in numerous foods that are routinely eaten by children and adults alike.  They can and do produce a lot of behavioral and emotional problems in children and adults.  Zapping has made a major difference in my family.

The family pet, with its own parasites, is a major source of health problems for its owners, particularly young children who are always getting licked and tend to be in the faces of animals of all sorts.  Pet parasites are routinely picked up by the people around them, causing all sorts of health problems.   Be aware of this!  Using the Zapper and Colloidal Silver on a regular basis has the potential to reduce these problems.

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