What is a Zappicator?

The Zappicator is Dr. Hulda Clark’s latest innovation and is used to treat food to remove toxins. It requires the use of a Zapper to supply the current and frequencies needed to make it work.

We offer three models:

  • The Power Zappicator for use with the Super Zapper DeLuxe.
  • The Auto-Zappicator for use with the Auto-Zap zapper
  • The Tooth Zappicator, also for use with the Auto-Zap zapper

The Zappicator can be made in a variety of ways.  The most common Zappicator looks looks like a simple cutting board or just a flat plastic box. Food is placed on top of the zappicator and a Zapper is connected providing the correct frequency and current. For best results a 1000Hz frequency should be used.

A Zappicator MUST be connected to the positive output from a Zapper or it will not work correctly.

Full instructions on how to build a Zappicator and how it is used can be found in Dr. Clark’s latest book.

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