Which should I start with, a Zapper or Pulser?

Frequently, we are asked for our recommendations on what devices to start with when getting into electricity for health and the Bob Beck and Hulda Clark protocols.  A good place for most people to start is with either the Hulda Clark Zapper or the Bob Beck Pulser (the Silver Pulser, RSG1, or RSG2).

The Zapper is used for parasite elimination and does a great job for many people. It’s not a cure-all, none of the devices or herbs are. But it works well for lots of people and is a low-cost way to get started.  It’s also the quickest and most convenient way to get started.

The Silver Pulser is a blood purifier that also lets you make high-quality, very low-cost colloidal silver, so it’s very useful and is one of the best selling devices that we offer. The combination of both the Zapper and the Silver Pulser (the RSG1 Combo)  is pretty powerful and would probably be enough for most people to make significant changes in their health.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed and we don’t like making statements about what results you can expect. Everybody is different and results vary with each individual. But, from years of use world-wide by hundreds of thousands of people, we know these devices work, it’s just not possible to tell with any certainty what results you will personally get.

The reason for this is that Zappers and Pulsers don’t do any actual healing. They work on clearing out the parasites and boosting the immune system so your body can do what it needs to do to heal. That’s why the results vary. It’s based on your body and the shape it’s in and what it thinks needs to be done first.

If you are having major problems we recommend both a Zapper and a Pulser.  If you don’t have the money to buy both, get the Zapper and then add the Silver Pulser later as you can afford it.  The emphasis is on getting started with parasite clearing and see what results you get.

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