Which Zapper do you recommend?

All of the Zappers we sell are different with unique features, so it’s hard to recommend just one as the best.

Personally, we like the Terminator because it’s the most convenient Zapper to use and is designed to be used for long periods at a time, up to 24 hours per day. Generally, the longer you use a Zapper the better results you get. The Terminator also has a bit of a calming effect on many people that makes zapping with it less irritating than with other Zappers.

For low cost, the Zapper C3i is an excellent standard Zapper that uses wrist straps for convenience.

The RSG-4 Sweep Zapper is elegant, feels great, and has an auto-programmed feature plus multiple frequencies to choose from, including a sweep frequency function. It only has handholds, not wrist straps.

The Super Zapper DeLuxe is a great zapper, particularly if you plan on using a Program Driver to target more closely a specific issue.

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