Who makes your Terminator Zapper?

Our Terminator is made by its developer, Don Croft. We buy them directly from Don.

There is at least one other reseller of Zappers who claims to have a Terminator made by Don but it may not be. Be careful when buying the Terminator and make sure it is specifically made by Don Croft and not “based on” Don’s ideas. There appear to be differences in the two Terminators. Don’s Terminator Zapper is the only one that we are aware of that has his unique combination of internal components which help produce the positive effects that people generally mention.

The Terminator II is the same product. Most people simply refer to it as the Terminator rather than the Terminator II. The important thing is to make sure the actual manufacturer is Don Croft.

Don stopped putting labels on his Terminators sometime in 2002. Prior to that all of them had a nice green label. Since then the Terminator has had no label and is simply a plain plastic box with 2 pennies glued to one side. We have commented to Don about this but he feels the labels are an added expense that isn’t necessary.

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