Why does my Zapper only measure 4.5 volts with a new 9 volt battery installed?

Many people wonder why their zapper only measures half the voltage of the batteries they are using when they measure the output with a voltmeter.

Electronically, all zappers based on Hulda Clark’s specifications only output the positive portion of the square wave that they produce.  The negative portion is suppressed, so only half of the wave is being detected by a standard voltmeter.

So, when you place a brand new battery in any Clark-type zapper and measure the voltage using a standard voltmeter you will only get half of the actual voltage being output, i.e. a brand-new 9 volt battery will only measure around 4.5 volts even though you are actually getting the full 9 volts from the zapper.  As the zapper is used and the battery runs down the range of votages measured are typically between 2.5 to  4 volts.  This is normal – you are actually getting a current flow from your zapper of between 5 and 8 volts.

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