Why don’t Program Drivers for the Super Zapper DeLuxe use the frequencies listed in Dr. Clark’s books?

The Super Zapper DeLuxe/Biowave Generator uses frequencies based on the work done by Dr. Hulda Clark but doesn’t always use the exact frequencies published in her books due to the limits of the frequency generator built into the Super Zapper DeLuxe/Biowave Generator.

Due to legal reasons the manufacturer of the Super Zapper DeLuxe/Biowave Generator cannot discuss program drivers or the frequencies programmed into them, so all we can do is speculate on the reasoning behind the designandthefrequencieschosen to beused.

Program Drivers have been sold for the Super Zapper DeLuxe/Biowave Generator since 2003. Our website sells thousands of them every year world-wide and we never get more than a few returned to us each year for any reason. Although individual results do vary, the general consensus among our customers is that Program Drivers are beneficial and worth the time and investment.

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