Will my zapper work with the Zappicator or do I have to buy a new zapper?

The Zappicator is the newest development from Hulda Clark. We have been told there are some very specific requirements that must be met precisely or the Zappicator may not work correctly. The primary concern is that you need to know the positive output lead coming from the zapper and it has to have a frequency of around 2.5Khz or lower, preferably 1Khz.

We now have three Zappicator models: the Power Zappicator, the Auto-Zappicator, and the Tooth Zappicator.

The Power Zappicator is made by the same company that makes the Super Zapper DeLuxe.

The Auto-Zappicator and the Tooth Zappicator are made by the company that makes the Auto-Zap zapper.

There have been comments that any zapper will work with the Zappicator. We have no easy way of evaluating the effectiveness of our Zappicators with a regular zapper, so we can’t guarantee correct operation with any zapper other than those specifically mentioned with each zappicator.

The Super Zapper Deluxe models 2003 and 2004 will only work correctly with the Power Zappicator using a 1k key.

Previous versions (below version 3) of the Super Zapper DeLuxe 2003 will not work correctly with a Zappicator because they are not able to use the 1000Hz smart key in the proper way. Only version 3 and higher is capable of using the 1000Hz smart key correctly so that it will work the way Dr. Clark has indicated.

If you have a Super Zapper DeLuxe 2003 that was purchased prior to fall of 2003, it most likely will not work with the 1000hz key. Also, the manufacturer of the Power Zappicator and the Super Zapper DeLuxe will not sell the 1000Hz key separately; it must be purchased with the Power Zappicator.

If you purchased a Super Zapper DeLuxe from us prior to fall 2003 and you want to use a Zappicator correctly, the only way we know to do this is to purchase the newest Super Zapper DeLuxe or use a different Zappicator.

Our Auto-Zappicator and the Tooth Zappicator are designed to work with the Auto-Zap but they should work with any zapper with a low enough frequency and a way of connecting them to the positive output lead of the zapper.

A Zappicator MUST be connected to the positive output from the Zapper or it will not work.

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