The Hanna PWT Meter

An Inexpensive Way to Measure the Purity of Water

This is the preferred method of testing Colloidal Silver to measure the PPM (parts per million) concentrations.

This meter will easily give you resonably accurate PPM readings so you always know what concentration of Colloidal silver you are actually making. It's quick and easy to use and many customers have checked its accuracy against laboratory certified analysis with no problems. Use it to check your distilled water before making Colloidal Silver, and check the finished PPM so you know what you have.

The Pure Water Tester (PWT) enables you to check the purity of your distilled or de-mineralized water in laboratory or industrial environments. The PWT is ideally suited for fields such as Printed Circuit Board washing, laundry, steam cleaning, checking car battery water and all areas where distilled, de-mineralized or pure water is used.

  • Low conductivity read-out on LCD display
  • Check quality of your distilled or de-mineralized water
  • Stick shape in a rugged housing
  • Long battery life
  • Maintenance-free use
  • Ideal anywhere distilled and pure water are used

The PWT is housed in a completely redesigned and much more durable case which provides excellent protection against harsh industrial environments. The new casing also provides a much larger LCD and is easier to handle with a more ergonomic shape and calibration trimmer on the side. The range of the Pure Water Tester is 0.1 to 99.9 ?S/cm, which gives a resistivity read-out as low as 10 Mohm.

The following table shows a typical conversion of the PWT readings:

?S/cm ReadingResistivitymg/L of NaCl
99.910 Kohms48
10100 Kohms4.3
11 Mohms0.4
0.110 Mohms0.04


Range:0.1 to 99.9 ?S/cm
Resolution:0.1 ?S/cm
Accuracy (@20?C/68?F):<?2% Full Scale
Calibration:Manual 1 point through trimmer
Temp. Compensation:Automatic from 10 to 40?C (50 to 104?F)
Battery Type / Life:4 x 1.4V / 150 hours approx. continuous use
Environment:0 to 50?C (32 to 122?F); RH 95%
Dimensions:175 x 41 x 23 mm (7.9 x 1.8 x 1")
Weight78 g (2.7 oz.)

Our Hanna PWT meter is bundled with a bottle of Calibration Solution so you can calibrate your meter at any time to make sure the reading is as accurate as possible. Without the Calibration Solution, it's hard to know whether your measurements are accurate. With it, there's no guess work involved.

Why pay the price for a meter and then not know if the meter is accurately calibrated? That's why we have included the Calibration Solution with the meter.

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