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What is Royal Flora?

Royal Flora is a unique, stable, probiotic supplement made up of friendly soil based micro organisms with a proven track record. These help stabilize the colonic ph and restore the proper bacterial balance (we should have a balance of about 85% good to 15% harmful orroyalfloraganisms in the intestinal tract) known as homeostasis, by crowding out the bad bacteria.

The Royal Flora formula is not made like all the other probitics. Its efficacy is measured in the fact that it lives in its own natural food source and the organisms have a natural symbiotic relationship. The organisms are viable and know how to communicate to various organs in the body. It is a natural chelating agent, so the humic/fulvic acids provide essential minerals/trace elements that are building block for activation of digestive enzymes. Royal Flora goes beyond probiotics.

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  1. Ange

    Hi there

    I am looking for a good product that will naturally get rid of blastocyst (BH) without antibiotics. Could the royal floral help this issue go away?

    • ToolsForHealing

      Tools For Healing has found a few people who said probitotics did indeed help with blastocyst, so it would be worth a try!

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