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Magnetic Pulse Generator MPG5

High Intensity Momentary Time-Variant Pulsed
DC Magnetic Field Therapy Generator

The MPG5 Magnetic Pulse Generator is the newest model manufactured by SOTA Technologies. It has a sleek new design, better features, and is smaller and lighter weight than the previous version.

Do you know the differences between Dr. Clark's Zapper and Dr. Beck's Blood Purifier (Silver Pulser) and the Magnetic Pulse Generator?  If not click here for a brief explanation.

Our Magnetic Pulser is licensed by the Canadian
Health Protection Branch as a Class II Medical Device!

"First Aid Kit of the Future"

This unit is for researchers only. The unit and literature have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. This product is not intended to cure or treat any disease. Government health departments and medical associations state that you must consult a medical doctor for treatment of all diseases. Individual results may vary.

What is the Magnetic Pulser?

Full instructions about the use and benefits of The Magnetic Pulse Generator can be found in the research papers published by Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck. The research is based on a paper entitled "Experimental IN VIVO Lymph Virus, Microbe, Fungi, and Parasite Elimination Device for Experimental / Theoretical HIV Lymph Neutralization". To read on-line the original Patent # 5,188,738 click here.

The Magnetic Pulser is a professionally designed quality unit, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate per specifications. The Magnetic Pulser (MPG) is designed to generate an intense (~43,133 Gauss*), momentary (~2.5mS) pulsed DC magnetic field.

*This 43,133 Gauss measurement is at the inter-coil winding flux. Magnetic flux intensity follows the inverse square rule - the further you are away from the magnetic core, the faster the Gauss intensity drops off. At face of Magnetic Coil, the Gauss drops to ~6,000 Gauss.

NOTE: Please do not confuse this unit with permanent/ceramic magnet therapies, or with the EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) producing units!

CAUTION: The MPG-5 produces a very strong magnetic pulse that can damage sensitive electronic equipment. Keep all electronics at least 2 feet away while pulsing. If you are pregnant or have a heart Pacemaker you are advised to not use this product.

Through the principle of induction, this magnetic field creates eddy-currents (tiny electrical micro-currents) in living organic material that contain an electrolyte such as saline. Designed to be used with The Silver Pulser or independently. Targets specific areas.

Now on sale!

New Features of model MPG5:

  • New streamlined unit.
  • Quartz crystal Micro-Computer controlled functions for precise waveform generation and accurate timing sequences.
  • Red Light indicates when Magnetic Pulse has been delivered to the Hand paddle/Coil.
  • New AUDIBLE output option. When selected, the MPG5 will beep each time the Magnetic Pulse has been delivered to the Hand paddle/Coil.
  • Unit will pulse for 20 minutes (255 pulses) before resetting.
  • Slightly higher output pulse intensity.
  • New soft carrying case for easy storage.


Unique Features:

  • New Hand-Paddle design. Our pulsing coil has been re-designed into a custom molded plastic enclosure complete with clear identification of the Bio-North (-) Magnetic Pole.
  • A unique circuit design allows The Magnetic Pulser to operate without the use of a Xenon flashtube allowing for maximum power delivery to the coil.
  • Fully Automatic. The MPG5 will automatically charge and discharge - no manual pulsing required. An internal Digital Counter allows the MPG5 to pulse approximately 20 minutes between resets.
  • LED light bar-graph. A light bar-graph consisting of five Green LED lights, illuminates sequentially giving visual indication of the MPG5 charging up.
  • A Red LED light indicates either the unit has completed a 20 minute cycle of pulses, or an overload condition has occurred.
  • AUDIBLE output option. Unit beeps each time magnetic pulse is released to coil.
  • Operates from an AC-DC Wall Adapter (included), or from a 12 Volt DC source like an automobile battery, appropriate solar panel, etc.
  • Extremely high magnetic power output. Generates a maximum 42.18 Joules (Watt*Seconds) of energy through the use of a 600uF, 330VDC Custom Photoflash Capacitor. This produces a ~43,133 Gauss* (~43 kilo Gauss) magnetic field in the coil. For Gauss calculations, and an in-depth discussion on the electrical principles at play with an MPG, click HERE. *This 43,133 Gauss measurement is at the inter-coil winding flux. Magnetic flux intensity follows the inverse square rule - the further you are away from the magnetic core, the faster the Gauss intensity drops off. At face of Magnetic Coil, the Gauss drops to ~6,000 Gauss.
  • High-Frequency Custom Switch Mode Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) power supply allows for fast charges (3.5 seconds) and a very lightweight unit. Our PWM power supply is a constant-current design.
  • Double-insulated practices used throughout to ensure the greatest electrical safety. Coil is completely enclosed in a custom-molded plastic Hand Paddle. No exposed wires or leads.
  •  New Professional Capacitor. We now have a Professional Custom Strobe type Capacitor designed specifically for our Magnetic Pulser. The manufacturer rates the capacitor at well over a 30 million (30,000,000) cycles of operation. Compare this with our earlier version model MPG2 and MPG3 which had a 250,000 cycle life, or to our MPG1 which had a 85,000 cycle life, or even to photoflash based pulsers that have 5,000 - 10,000 life cycle.
  • Very Fast charging cycle. Unit fully charges in 3.5 seconds.
  • Overload Protection. Should an overload or fault condition occur in the charging section, a sensor will limit the current, then eventually shutdown the unit until the fault condition is removed.
  • Bio-North Magnetic Pole Polarity (-) or South-Seeking is clearly identified on one side of pulsing coil. This gives the user the choice of applying either Bio-North (-) or Bio-South (+) pole energy to the site.
  • Our Electrical Circuit Boards are GOLD Plated for extreme reliability and workmanship.
  • Compact and lightweight. MPG5 unit weighs 3/4 Lbs. (0.3 Kg.), Magnetic coil weighs 1 Lb. (0.4 Kg.). Total shipping weight of complete MPG5 with wall adapter weighs ~3 Lbs. (~1.3 Kg.).

The Unit

The Magnetic Pulser is housed in a new custom plastic enclosure. A pushbutton turns the Magnetic Pulser on and off. A series of Green lights indicates power is available and visually shows unit is charging. When turned on, the Magnetic Pulser will immediately begin to charge up (in about 3.5 seconds). When fully charged, the stored energy of the capacitor is discharged into the pulsing coil. The Red light will flash indicating the charge has been released. The Magnetic Pulser will then begin another charge cycle.

Should an overload or fault condition occur in the charging section, the MPG5 will shutdown until the fault condition is removed. The unit will beep and flash the Red light notifying the user.

After approximately 20 minutes of pulsing, the MPG5 will go into stand-by mode until a physical reset occurs. This helps prevent continuous operation should the MPG5 be left on unattended. If the unit is not reset within 30 seconds it will turn itself off.

The Magnetic Pulser is packaged in a soft carrying case for easy storage.


The Magnetic Pulser is designed to the highest standards. We have improved on the original design with added features. Our electronic design is unique and efficient making the unit very reliable and powerful. Early designs required the use of a Xenon flashtube. We've completely re-designed The Magnetic Pulser from the ground up using the latest in electronic components. The result is a very powerful, reliable, rugged unit that transfers more energy to the output coil. In addition, we use double-insulation techniques to ensure the greatest in electrical safety. This is of extreme importance!

Specifications: (as measured on a Tektronics TDS 210 Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope, and Wavetek AD105 Clamp-On RMS Ammeter)

  • Energy Storage Capacitor: 600uF, 450 Volts DC
  • Typical Energy Storage: 36.75 Joules (Watt*Seconds)
  • Maximum Energy Storage: 42.18 Joules (Watt*Seconds)
  • Typical Peak Charge Voltage: 350 Volts DC
  • Maximum Peak Charge Voltage: 375 Volts DC
  • Minimum Peak Current Discharge into Coil: 150 Amps RMS
  • Typical Charge Time: 3.5 Seconds
  • Pulse Rise Time: <1.8 uS (microseconds)
  • Pulse Duration: ~2.5mS (milliseconds)
  • Main Coil Inductance: ~2.5mH (milli-henries)
  • Flux Density: 40,500 Ampere*Turns
  • Peak Magnetic Field Output: 43,133 Gauss* (~43 kilo Gauss). For Gauss calculations, and an in-depth discussion on the electrical principles at play with an MPG, click HERE. *This 43,133 Gauss measurement is at the inter-coil winding flux. Magnetic flux intensity follows the inverse square rule - the further you are away from the magnetic core, the faster the Gauss intensity drops off. At face of Magnetic Coil, the Gauss drops to ~6,000 Gauss.
  • Minimum number of Pulse Discharges 30 Million (30,000,000)

Internal Capacitors used in different models of the MPG

Each Magnetic Pulser comes complete with:

  • The Magnetic Pulser MPG5 unit
  • Operating Instructions
  • One (1) International AC-DC Wall Adapter
  • One (1) Soft Carrying Case
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Options for Powering the Magnetic Pulser

In the event of a power outage here are some options for powering the Magnetic Pulser:

  1. The Magnetic Pulser may be operated directly from a 12 Volt DC Battery like an automobile cigarette lighter. You will need to purchase an adapter cord which plugs into the cigarette lighter and has a Centre Positive, 2.1mm Plug, like from Radio Shack®.
  2. The Magnetic Pulser can be powered by a suitable solar panel. Keep in mind that most solar panel generators are used to re-charge a battery which in turn operates the unit. Therefore we suggest you use a solar panel (preferably a sealed Gel-Cel® type) to re-charge a 12 Volt DC automobile battery, then run the Magnetic Pulser directly from the battery. You will need to use a cord which has alligator clips on one end to attach to the battery terminals, and the appropriate Centre Positive, 2.1mm Plug on the other end to plug into the Magnetic Pulser. Be careful with polarity! This type of cord with alligator clips on one end is probably not readily available, therefore you will to need to buy a cord and cut off the end that normally goes into the cigarette lighter, and solder your own set of alligator clips. Use a black and red alligator clips so you ensure polarity is correct each time you connect the circuit.
  3. If you wish to operate the Magnetic Pulser directly from a solar panel you will need to use a 12 Volt DC output panel that is capable of supplying at least 2.5 Amps. The Magnetic Pulser's initial starting demands may require a higher output solar panel. That is why it is preferable to use a charged 12 Volt DC battery instead.

What about a Warranty?

The Magnetic Pulser has a full 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. A replacement custom main capacitor can be ordered through us.


How much does it Cost?

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