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Colloidal Silver Generators

If you really want the best colloidal silver generator available, look at the Information and Technical sections to see what constant current technology can do for you.  All of our Colloidal Silver Generators use solid-state electronics and constant-current or current-limited technology to produce high-quality colloidal silver.  Our SilverGen units are considered by many to be the best generators available for the money, and includes a professional model capable of producing large volumes of CS quickly.

Scada RSG-2If you are looking for a Hulda Clark Zapper and a Bob Beck Pulser as well, then you need to check out our RSG1 Combo unit.  It offers all three products (Zapper, Pulser, Silver generator) in one small, easy to use unit and is consistently one of our top sellers. For an excellent, high-quality, inexpensive generator with all the bells and whistles, check out our Scada Research RSG-3 Silver Maker and the SOTA CSG5. And don't forget to look at the ultra-small and portable MiniCS. It's hard to believe what can be done in such a small space.

If you are serious about your colloidal silver don't forget to look at the Hanna PWT meter. If you want to know what PPM silver you are making, the PWT meter is the only inexpensive way to do with reasonable accuracy.

To make high quality colloidal silver you MUST use steam distilled water. Many store-bought brands of distilled water vary too much in their quality, making it difficult to produce a consistent quality. The only way to guarantee what you are getting is to make your own distilled water. We now have an excellent low-cost steam distiller that's perfect for making excellent colloidal silver. Click here for details.

If you need pure silver wires for your silver maker click here for details.  If you need silver strips for a SilverGen silver maker click here for details.

SilverGen Home Page

SilverGen is the manufacturer of the top units for home use, including the SG6A Automatic model with auto shut-off, a built-in stirring motor, and variable PPM control. If you want the best CS maker for the money, the SG6A is it! A 220 volt European version is also available.
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For anyone looking for high volume the SG7 Pro is the way to go. It offers adjustable PPM and large volume output for resellers or those needing consistant quality quickly. A 220 volt European version is also available.
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Scada Home Page


One of our best generators, the RSG-3 Silver Maker from Scada Research is a high quality, state-of-the-art Colloidal silver generator, powered by a 9 volt battery or included A/C adapter.  It's totally microprocessor controlled and has user-adjustable constant-current output, a low battery indicator, and a water conductivity alert.
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Scada RSG-3

One of our best selling products, the Scada Research RSG-2 Silver Maker/Pulser combines a Bob Beck Pulser/Blood Electrifier and a Colloidal Silver Maker in one user friendly, small package.
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Scada RSG-2

Another one of our best selling models, the RSG1 Combination unit includes a CS generator, a Beck Pulser, and a Clark Zapper, all in one convenient package.  It includes multiple CS generator outputs and frequencies not found on other units.
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Scada RSG-1

A truly unique product, the MiniCS Silver Maker is the ultimate in small size and portability. With constant-current output and low-battery indicator, the MiniCS is a great traveling companion. 
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Scada MiniCS

SOTA Home Page


The Silver Pulser ZBB5 is an update to the original Silver Pulser we've sold for a number of years. With constant-current output and other state-of-the-art features, it's the latest and greatest Beck Pulser/CS generator combo unit.
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The SP Lite SPL1 is the newest version of the original Silver Pulser. The SPL1 brings to market a new low cost in a disposable design that should last through years of use.
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The Silver Maker CSG5 from SOTA has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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