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We now have 3 different Zappicators and more on the way!

We currently stock the Power Zappicator, the Auto-Zappicator, and the Tooth Zappicator. We also now have a Tooth Zappicator for the Super Zapper DeLuxe.

For a list of all of our Zappicator products CLICK HERE.

Our Power Zappicator is now on sale bundled with the Super Zapper DeLuxe! Buy BOTH and SAVE! The discount will be applied during checkout.

The Zappicator is designed to work with a  Hulda Clark Zapper. To work correctly it needs a zapper with a frequency of around  1000Hz (1KHz). Higher frequencies will work, but they may not be as effective.

Most Zappers, including older models of the Super Zapper DeLuxe, will not work without additional hardware. Be sure you have what you need before ordering the Zappicator.

Full instructions regarding the use and benefits of the Zapper and the Zappicator can be found in Dr. Clark's books. These books are available from us at this link, and at many local Health Food Stores and major bookstores.

Auto-Zappicator       Tooth Zappicator              Power Zappicator
                                                                          w/Super Zapper DeLuxe


Each of our zappicators are individually checked for Quality Controal before leaving the factory.

Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D., N.D. has updated the book, The Cure For HIV and AIDS. The new information includes Dr. Clark's latest designs for making the 1,000 Hz circuit known as the Food Zappicator. This updated book has more new information that cannot be found anywhere else on the many new experimental procedures Dr. Clark has developed from working with AIDS and Cancer patients worldwide. This book was updated in 2003 and is a must read.

Food is placed on the Zappicator and zappicated for 5 minutes or more.

The Zappicator must be attached to a Zapper. We've been told that you can use any zapper with the Zappicator, but according to Dr. Hulda Clark a Zapper with a 1000Hz frequency works best. 

Excerpt below from pages 519-521:
The Cure For HIV and AIDS
© 1993 (revised 2003) by Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D., N.D.

The Zappicator

Attaching a zapper to a loudspeaker brings the electric pulses to the magnet that makes the speaker's paper cone vibrate. The paper cone vibrates the air at the same frequency. We can hear this if the electric pulses are at the correct frequency for our ears, which is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (vibrations per second).

If we attach a zapper to a speaker we would not hear any sound, because the zapper outputs a frequency of about 30,000 Hz (too high), although the vibrations continue. Each pulse is shorter now and might reach the molecules themselves, the way a passing train can rattle the dishes in your cupboard. If the correct frequency is found you could "rattle" a specific molecule and perhaps destroy it without harming the neighbors. That was the theory. But experiments showed that the incoming pulses had to be totally Positive (100%) and the circular magnet around the speaker had to be producing a North Pole magnetic field to have such an effect. Moreover, if an actual current was running through the loudspeaker, the whole phenomenon vanished!

I experimented with other frequencies, hoping to find one that not only destroyed bacteria and viruses, but "bad molecules" like phenolics in food. I found 1,000 Hz worked well, which surprised me because I expected a much higher frequency.

I could not understand the physics involved, but there were no exceptions. Only the single lead attachment worked, from the (+) output of the zapper to the (+) end of the speaker. If the (-) end was used at all, this unusual chemistry does not occur. The loudspeaker must be acting as if it were an antenna, suggesting that resonance is involved in finding and destroying the "bad molecules." Fortunately I did not find evidence that "good molecules" like vitamins and organic minerals were affected. They let the pulses pass through unnoticed, like open gates letting through the traffic. But "bad molecules," like food allergens, PCBs, benzene and phenol were destroyed. In fact, phenol appeared after benzene disappeared. After this, wood alcohol appeared as if phenol molecules had broken in half. With longer zappication even this wood alcohol disappeared producing formaldehyde, and this broke down further to formic acid. Some significant "chemistry" is going on during zappication.

Zappicating food is so beneficial you are encouraged to build this device. The circuit is just like the zapper, but with a few component changes to lower the frequency to 1000 Hz.

There will be no sound because no current is flowing. But a very tiny voltage and the 1 kHz frequency are affecting all the food that touches the plate or touches other food that is touching the plate. That is easy to see on a frequency counter.

The zappicator circuit will also have the Positive offset feature, namely, a special resistor toproduce a 1/4 volt offset, so no Negative voltage could ever be delivered accidentally. It will produce a frequency of 1000 Hz, instead of 30,000.

For complete instructions on building and using a Zappicator click here or on the link in our menu on the left

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