Quick and Easy Energy Exercises

by Barbara Ann O’Leary from the book “Energy Medicine”, by Donna Eden.

While waiting at a red light:

Do the 3 Thumps. Remember to breathe deeply while you do these.

  • Thump 1 [K-27]: Vigorously tap your K-27 points. You’ll find them about an inch beneath and slightly out from the inner edge of your collarbone. This gets your energies running forward. You’ll feel more alert.
  • Thump 2 [Thymus]: Give your immune system some help. Tap the center of your sternum to activate the healing energies of your Thymus gland.
  • Thump 3 [Spleen]: Firmly tap your spleen neurolymphatic points located one rib below your breasts. They’re likely to be sore, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. Stimulating these points helps rebalance your body chemistry and metabolize food and ideas.

While walking from the parking lot to your office building:

Cross Crawl: Start off with the 1st Thump – K-27. But you’ll have done this already, because you just stopped at a light a few minutes ago, right? Step forward with your right leg, while swinging your left arm in front of you across the centerline of your body. Then step with the left leg, while swinging your right arm in front. Feel the energies crossing over, invigorating you.

While preparing for a meeting:

Zip Up: Build confidence, while shielding yourself from negative energies. Breathe deeply. Run your hands from near your pubic bone straight up the center of your body to your lower lip. Do this 3 times and the last time lock off as though you were securing a zipper.

While stirring a pot of soup:

Instead of stirring in a circle the whole time, try stirring the soup in a figure 8 pattern. Doodling Figure 8s reinforces the crossover patterns in your own body, enhancing your energies and strengthening your ability to process information and mobilize all your resources.

While helping your child with homework:

Crown Pull: Clear your mind. Curl your fingers and rest your fingertips above the center of your eyebrows. Firmly and slowly pull across your forehead toward your temples. Then move up to your hairline. Repeat. Continue all across the top of your scalp and down the back ending at your neck. Each time drag your fingers to the side slowly.

While watching the final 2 minutes of a close game:

Hold the neurovascular points on your forehead to relieve stress. Make it easy on yourself. Don’t worry about locating exact points. Just slap the entire palm of one hand across your forehead and hold it there for a few minutes – until you can feel the pulses strong and even on both sides of your forehead or until the game is over! Feel the blood returning to your head.

While drifting off to sleep:

Hook Up: Put one thumb or middle finger in your third eye (between your eyebrows) and the other in your belly button. Tug upward slightly. Breathe. Relax.

These energy exercises are adapted from Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

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