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A Message from the Founder of Toolsforhealing.com
by Dennis Harwood

Lately, it’s been harder than ever to feel good about the state of Alternative Health care around the world. In the U.S. and elsewhere alternatives are under attack, and health freedoms are being squeezed regularly. Many websites are being forced to close or remove products from their catalogs, and Governments are once again trying hard to bring herbal and vitamin products under the control of the pharmaceutical companies. This time they may succeed. If enough people don’t wake up and smell the Prozac, it may be too late.

I don’t like hitting the panic button on things, and I’ve refrained from saying anything before on this website, but the time is drawing near when we, you and I, will have to make our voices heard by our Government officials and make sure they understand one simple fact: people like having choices. Our freedom to choose the type of health care (and products) that best suits us is being regularly and quickly stripped away, all in the name of safety.

We are being bombarded daily in the U.S. with messages from the drug companies about how wonderful their products are and how healthy and happy we will be if we only ask our doctor about such and such pill. Is anybody paying attention to the actual facts??? Look at the medical journals and see what they are saying about their own industry. Doctors, and the drugs they push, are causing untold suffering among their patients, and hundreds of thousands of people (yes, hundreds of thousands) are dying each year from the idiotic (and in some cases criminally negligent) emphasis on surgery and drugs, drugs, drugs.

How is it that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) can receive more complaints about Aspartame than any other food substance in history, yet the FDA still allows its use in thousands of products being consumed by millions of people. Remember when a bad batch of Tylenol killed dozens of people in the U.S.? Remember when a bad batch of the supplement L-Tryptophan killed a smaller number of people in the U.S.? I’m sure you know which product got yanked and which one is still being sold years later? Is there a double standard in the U.S.? Absolutely!!! And anyone who says otherwise is a fool or on the payroll of the pharmaceuticals or the Government.

And now we have the FDA working overtime to remove vitamin and herbal supplements that have been in use safely and effectively for generations. All in the name of safety for the public. Why do vitamins need more stringent manufacturing safeguards than drugs, which are tremendously more powerful and damaging? When was the last time you heard of someone dying from taking vitamin C or using Wormwood? Any product that kills or injures dozens of people deserves to be yanked from the market. Does this happen with popular drugs? Sometimes, but not always. Would it happen with a bad vitamin supplement? Absolutely, in short order, never to be seen again. The double standard continues unabated. And it’s getting worse.

My advice, read some of the articles by Tim Bolen and others and get a feel for the actual sorry state of affairs. Notice that our elected officials are, for the most part, selling us out to the drug companies and big business. Many people are finally getting the message, but is it too late? Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell.

Recently, I attended an alternative seminar and one of the speakers expressed his opinion that the health care system in the U.S. would eventually probably collapse under its own weight. I think he is right. The cost of our health care is simply out of control and only getting worse. At some point there will not be enough money to support it and major changes will have to be made before we are all bankrupted. If you have the misfortune of having an asthma attack it can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars for a few days in the hospital. Does that seem reasonable? Many will say, “But that’s what insurance is for.” Yep, but what about the rising cost of insurance, and what happens if you don’t have it because you got cancelled. Many people can’t afford insurance. For a typical family of four it can cost many hundreds per month for even basic major medical coverage. And this will be going up to pay for the ever-increasing cost of health care. Trust me on this, it will happen.

So what’s the purpose of my rambling on about things? I’m concerned and at the point where I need to express my concern so others will start paying attention. It’s not enough anymore to just shake your head knowingly and assume others will take care of everything. And let’s not talk about those who blindly assume the Government is there to take care of us and would never do anything so blatant as putting money ahead of people’s lives.

It’s time for all of us to express our concerns to our elected officials. Tell them you want the freedom to choose what’s right for you. You want to make the choices that are important to you and not have them legislated by some official reading statistics provided by a drug company looking to improve their bottom line. It’s time…please let someone know today that you are an individual, not another potential customer for the new drug lords.

Dennis Harwood