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About Robert C. Beck, D.Sc.
by Michael Forrest

Bob Beck’s qualifications as a researcher is that he’s a physicist and formerly a consultant to the Sandia Corp, Senior Staff Scientist at Eyring Research Institute, and consultant to the US Navy. Besides his impressive qualifications this is a man you have to admire just for his courage. Although we live in a country whose government does all it can to make us submissive, unquestioning sheep, amongst those sheep are a few who think for themselves and stand head and shoulders above the rest because of the strength of their spirit which must speak the truth they have discovered. They are like John the Baptist shouting in the wilderness, living to tell it like it is though ridiculed and oppressed by the governing powers. Such a man is Bob Beck.

Although he can live in relative ease the rest of his life because of the money he’s made by holding the patent for camera flashers, he chooses to live on the edge and proclaim what he knows about this miraculous breakthrough in bio-technology that threatens to undermine one of the major financial pillars of this country–the drug based medical system. Because of his lecturing and magazine articles, he is under constant threat of wrongful imprisonment as a result of the FDA trying to shut him up. Besides having armed government men raid his residence once already, he also has to constantly guard what he tells others over the phone because of constant attempts by the FDA to entrap him by catching him giving medical advice, which only doctors are legally allowed to do.

Despite all this he continues to lecture so that all will know that electromedicine is the inexpensive health key that millions are waiting for. He has personally seen hundreds of people helped with of all kinds of diseases including AIDS, prostate cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, Hepatitis A and B, Herpes B, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, cervical cancer, and lupus. All of these are caused by viruses and bacteria which is the forte of the Black Box (Blood Purifier) and Magnetic Pulser, which means that the list of diseases these devices may reverse could be very long. Beck himself lost 90 pounds and re-grew some of his hair as a result of using these devices. How many millions of people fall into those two categories? Bob Beck has seen dozens of his friends use these devices and regain so much immune strength that they didn’t lose a single day’s work in over three years from getting sick! Wouldn’t that be great? We all know the feeling of wanting to die when we get the flu. Do we really have to go through that every year? I think not. Mr. Beck also knows of an MD who claims over two hundred documented cancer remissions by using only blood electrification via the Black Box. Beck has personally helped more AIDS patients than any other type and feels that his devices are 100% effective if the patient uses them exactly as directed.

He also thinks that they would be effective against Ebola, but hasn’t known anyone yet to use it against that super-killer. Besides disabling viruses and bacteria the Black Box also has life enhancing effects. Beck has told of a blood analysis that revealed that blood normally stays alive for 4 days in a microscope slide, but will last for one month if taken from someone who has undergone Black Box treatment! I have even heard of someone that uses his Black Box all day every day because of the energizing effect he gets with it. He says it gives him “immortal blood”! Bob Beck’s two most recent magazine articles are available in Explore More! magazines, issues #15 and #18. The magazines address is: PO Box 1508, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273, ph 360-424-6025. Because of FDA harassment, Mr. Beck desires not to be contacted by people with questions. He has already given us more than we need to get well.

Robert C. Beck is a highly respected research physicist and formerly a consultant to the Sandia Corp, Senior Staff Scientist at Eyring Research Institute, and consultant to the US Navy. Dr. Beck recently retired from his own business interests and from his work as a university lecturer. He was known for his leading-edge designs in measuring subtle magnetic fields and extremely low frequency fields. His last research project in the early 1980’s that focused on the brain and altered states of consciousness resulted in the design of the Brain Tuner. This won him an award from the John Fitzer Foundation.

Although he can live in relative ease the rest of his life because of the money he’s made by holding the patent on the camera flash, Dr. Beck’s life changed forever when he read about a research project at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

In March, 1991 Science News magazine gave a brief report that “Zapping the AIDS virus with low-voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory …” Doctors William Lyman and Steven Kaali also presented their research at a symposium. This research piqued Bob Beck’s interest but he found only closed doors when he tried to get further information. The paper they presented had been deleted from the symposium report.

In 1993, after a patent was filed by Lyman and Kaali with the US Patent Office [Patent #5,188,738], their discovery became public information for the first time.

Dr Beck soon developed a safe, simple non-invasive method of applying this technique, but rather than patenting his idea, he made the information freely available to all.

Beck’s invention brilliantly combined the discoveries of Lyman and Kaali with the research of Dr Robert Becker MD and his team at Syracuse University, who conducted many years of research into the long known anti-bacterial properties of Silver. He proved that sub-microscopic particles of PURE SILVER suspended in water destroyed even the most drug resistant microbes on contact.

We have all heard the stories before. Stories of ordinary people coming up with extraordinary ideas that threaten the monopolies of the big corporations. Design an engine that potentially cuts petrol sales, and before too long the fuel companies will either buy you or break you, and your invention is never seen or heard of again.

Imagine the reaction of the Pharmaceutical industry when Dr. Robert Beck developed a simple electronic device, affordable by anyone, which has been proven to destroy virtually all known bacteria, viruses and fungi instantly.

By making his invention freely available to all, Beck has made it impossible for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to control or suppress his invention.

Note from Dennis: As good as all this sounds, please understand that I am NOT promoting miracle cures on this website. Nothing is guaranteed. Since every person is unique with unique problems, the results obtained, while similar for many people, will match the effort put forth. In other words, the more you use the protocols Bob Beck developed the more results you will get. But no one can predict exactly what benefits will be received.

If you clean your blood and you will get healthier. Can anybody really say that statement is false? I doubt it. So, the only question is, how do you clean your blood? Do you take it out, run it through a filter of some sort, and put it back in? The medical community has a variety of ways to do that at some appropriately high prices. Bob Beck’s method is simple, it works, and it’s cheap. And you can do it at home while watching TV or puttering around the house or garden, and it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out how to do it. Isn’t that the way it should be?