Do you know the Differences between a Magnetic Pulser, a Zapper, and a Beck Silver Pulser? |
Do you know the Differences between a Magnetic Pulser, a Zapper, and a Beck Silver Pulser?
by Dennis Harwood

The Zapper is a small electronic device developed by Dr. Hulda Clark and her son, Geoff Clark, that delivers an electrical current to the body of approximately 7 to 8 volts, with some units going as high as 15 volts. The distinguishing feature of a zapper is that it is designed to produce a square wave with a frequency of about 30KHz (Kilohertz) to 32KHz. There are some units that have frequencies much lower, as low as 15Hz, and some that even have variable frequencies.

The lower frequencies are supposed to make it easier for the current to penetrate into the body and be more effective. Regardless of the frequency used, all Clark Zappers work on the same principle of a DC current with a square wave applied to the body through the use of wrist straps, handholds, conductive bands, pads, etc. Virtually all zappers use wrist straps or handholds. Whatever method is used to make contact, it is recommended that you routinely switch positions to different parts of the body to promote penetration of the current to all areas and extremities.

Most Zappers use conductive wrist straps, mainly for the convenience of keeping your hands free to do other things while zapping. The wrist straps are very convenient to use but are limited to use on each wrist, so you can’t “target” specific areas with them. There are also varying opinions on whether wrist straps provide the proper amount of current required to do an effective job. So far, I’ve not seen anything that makes a definitive case one way or another, so I own and use both types. There are also a number of other types of conductive bands, gel pads, slippers, plates, etc.

A typical session with a Zapper lasts one hour, consisting of 7 minutes of use followed by a 20 minute rest period, then another 7 minutes of use, 20 minutes of rest, and a final 7 minutes of use. Many people are now recommending and doing continuous zapping for a minimum of 1 hour or more at a time. You don’t want to use a Zapper for only a few minutes and then quit. When you stir things up you need to do the minimum session of 1 hour to prevent problems. Longer sessions of zapping, including up to 24 hours per day, are possible and many people routinely zap hours every day for weeks at a time.

The Bob Beck Blood Purifier is also an electronic device that uses two small electrodes that are placed over major blood arteries (not veins) on the wrists or ankles and held in place with a strap. Both electrodes are placed on the same wrist or ankle about an inch apart. The unit uses a higher voltage than the Zapper, about 27-32 volts compared to only 7 or 8 volts for the Zapper, but with a much lower frequency, typically 4Hz. Some units use a 100Hz frequency that is believed to reduce or eliminate problems with electroporation. The amount of current entering the bloodstream from the electrodes is very small, only in the micro-current range.

As the blood circulates past the electrodes all the “critters” in it are given a jolt. On average it only takes 8 1/2 to 9 minutes for a person’s blood to circulate through the entire body and pass by the electrodes on the wrist. The worst-case scenario is about 10 minutes, so in two hours you get a minimum of 12 total blood volume circulations. A normal session is 2 or more hours of continuous use per day for 4 to 6 weeks. It takes a commitment, but the results are worth it for many people.

The Magnetic Pulse Generator does not use electrical currents but instead uses a high intensity, short duration magnetic pulse of approximately 43,000 Gauss as its means of killing or immobilizing parasites. The unit consists of a small box that holds the electronics and a round coil attached by a cord. It is the coil that produces the pulse every 5-8 seconds. The coil can be placed anywhere on the body, including the head and face. The ability to place the coil anywhere means that areas not covered by the Zapper or the Beck Blood Purifier are easily treated, including the Lymph system, stomach, head, and intestines.

All three devices are attempting to do the same thing, i.e. to use either small electrical currents or high-intensity magnetic pulses to kill living organisms that are in your body that shouldn’t be there. This includes organisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and larger parasites such as tapeworms, ringworms, roundworms, flukes, etc.

I’ll be using the term parasite from here on to mean any and all of the previously mentioned organisms. So please keep that in mind while reading the remaining text.

The number of microscopic and non-microscopic invaders that are in the human body on a regular basis is truly astounding! What’s even more astounding, though, is the fact that the medical establishment seems to be completely oblivious to their presence. The damage they do, however, is very real and is a major source of suffering for an almost completely unsuspecting public.

The World Health Organization and other knowledgeable health groups around the world have stated that parasite infestation is the number one health problem in the world. Yet your friendly, local doctor is unaware for the most part. Or it may be that he is simply unwilling to waste time trying to convince people of the problem. In the United States, we seem to believe that parasites are only problems for poor people from some third world country.

We are too clean and civilized to ever have parasite problems. Think again! Recent studies published in major medical journals state that the average American is carrying around two pounds of parasites in their body. Doesn’t that make you squirm just a little bit?

Think of it, you, right now, are acting as a human lunch box for two pounds of blood-sucking, disease-causing, nasty parasites. If you think you are immune to the problem, all I can say is ignorance may be bliss, but denial is the worst kind of stupidity. I don’t mean to be too pushy or preachy here, but most people simply refuse to believe what is going on, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. And it’s costing the American public dearly.

In any event, to get back to the task at hand, how do these devices differ and do you need to use all three of them? In short, they are different in major ways and, Yes, you do need to use them all to be more effective in eliminating parasites of all types. The Zapper kills by passing an electrical current through the body. Electricity travels on the surface of muscle tissue and will not penetrate the body as radio waves or x-rays do. Therefore, there are large areas of the body that the current cannot reach, making it ineffective in eliminating parasites in those locations.

Areas such as the contents of your stomach and your intestines, your sinus cavities, parasites inside gallstones in your gallbladder and/or liver, and the bloodstream and lymph tend to be impervious to the Zapper. Unfortunately, large numbers of parasites live in all of those areas. So you need different devices to reach different areas.

The Bob Beck Blood Purifier differs from the Zapper in that its primary focus is to clean the bloodstream by immobilizing the parasites found there. It takes approximately 8 – 10 minutes for the blood of a typical person to completely circulate once throughout the body. So, while wearing Bob Beck’s Blood Purifier unit, you are exposing your entire bloodstream to the current numerous times every hour.

The Magnetic Pulse Generator allows you to target specific areas on the body, such as the Lymph system, the face, or certain muscle groups. These are all areas that can have little or no exposure to the electrical currents of the other two devices. Because of the short duration of the magnetic pulses, this device is not effective in cleaning the blood like the Blood Purifier.

Please remember, one treatment with any or all three of these devices will not kill or immobilize all parasites in your blood or your body. You have to do repeated sessions to continually work on the parasites that are ever-present. And no one can guarantee the elimination of all parasites throughout the body, it just isn’t possible.

The Zapper works mainly on the muscle tissue and surface areas inside the body. The Blood Purifier works on the bloodstream. The Magnetic Pulse Generator is mainly used on the Lymph system and areas around the head and stomach. So there is little overlap of the three devices and they should all be used for the most effective treatment of any major disease or as a preventative treatment.

After having said all three should be used, I don’t want you to get the idea it is all or nothing. Many people only use one or two of the devices. Let your own judgment, and your financial resources, dictate what you do. If you are ill, don’t spend foolishly expecting miracle cures. These devices have been in use around the world for many years and anecdotal evidence of their effectiveness abounds, but I’m obligated to tell you that no cures are guaranteed or implied. Testimonials, while interesting, are not an indication of scientific or medical effectiveness and results really do vary widely from individual to individual.

There seem to be differences in opinions as to which device is the most effective in dealing with a variety of illnesses. My personal opinion is that it depends on the particular illness involved. I’ve read reports of the Zapper being not as effective as the Silver Pulser (Blood Purifier). From personal experience with both devices, all I can say is I use both. I personally use the Zapper for quick “zaps” in any situation where I’m looking for a reasonably quick resolution to a parasite situation (Colloidal Silver is normally the first thing I reach for). The Zapper won’t work in all situations due to the nature of the electrical current, but I have found it is very useful in dealing with children and their continual exposure to Aflatoxin and Ergot mold toxins. These toxins are in all sorts of foods that are used every day by most kids and can do a real number on their systems, resulting in “temper tantrums”, abnormal behavior, uncharacteristic outbursts, etc.

A personal observation: don’t let your kids eat peanut butter! Read what Dr. Clark has to say about it in the book “The Cure for All Diseases”. Being aware of this and using the Zapper regularly has made a difference with my kids, lowering stress levels and reducing the “us against them” tensions found in lots and lots of families with young children.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has questioned my claims of the beneficial use of these devices. I claim no cures and want to make sure everyone understands that my opinions are my own and have no scientific or medical basis. In other words, I’m not a doctor and can not allow anyone to assume I’m stating things as facts when they have not been proven in medical studies recognized by the medical community. With that in mind, please continue reading my opinions below.

An interesting study was related to me recently about the Zapper. A researcher has been using chicken legs as a measure of the effectiveness of the Zapper in reducing or eliminating microbes. This researcher says it takes about three days for normal fresh chicken legs to spoil. After “zapping” for an hour each day the chicken legs will last up to seventeen days before spoiling, depending on the particular Zapper being used. There is a lot of debate about what component of the Zapper current actually produces the results. Most researchers tend to believe that it is the odd harmonics produced by a small spike that is present in the square wave produced by standard Clark Zappers.

Some of the Zappers being sold have had this spike intentionally removed, supposedly making the unit work better or reducing possible tingling sensations. My feeling at the moment is the spike is necessary for the most effective operation. Another researcher has stated that different units will produce different results, with some being better at certain illnesses than others. Be aware of these differences and, for the moment, try to stick to the standard Zapper design.

I don’t have the particulars at the moment, but a researcher of the effects of the Beck Blood Purifier units has stated that “normal” blood will only last about three days in a test tube before “spoiling”. After a full blood purification treatment, the same blood will last about thirty days! Major difference, huh? This info has not been verified, so please use your own judgment about the truthfulness.

Bob Beck recommends using his Blood Purifier for two hours per day for a minimum of 30 days, and longer if you have a major illness. Then use it periodically to maintain a clean bloodstream. Dr. Beck’s other devices, the Magnetic Pulse Generator, the Water Ozonator, and Colloidal Silver, are all part of a complete protocol developed by Dr. Beck to eliminate all types of parasites from all areas of the body.

The Magnetic Pulse Generator should be used in conjunction with the Blood Purifier for about 20 minutes (or more, if you desire) per day. What has been discovered over years of use with thousands of people worldwide is that parasites can “hide” in your Lymph system, appearing to be gone only to return months or years later, bringing old illnesses with them. For people with major illnesses, it is very important to use both devices together for complete coverage.

A typical use of the Zapper would be initially for daily use, a minimum of one to three times per day (of one hour sessions), for one to two weeks (preferably longer). Then periodic use every few days or so to keep clear of parasites. How frequently you use it after the initial one to two-week treatment depends solely on your individual needs. Some people can go a week or more between Zapper sessions with no problems. Others tend to feel sluggish every three or four days and need to Zap to restore their energy. With all of these devices, use common sense and listen to your body.

An Important Note

Increased publicity about Dr. Hulda Clark and the Zapper has brought increased attention from medical professionals and governmental authorities. This website and others are being scrutinized for outrageous or misleading claims of cures or beneficial treatments. I have chosen to work within the system, not to fight it. There may be an inordinate number of disclaimers on many of my web pages, but I have no other choice. I started this website years ago as a place for people to go to get information that could be life-saving.

Selling products was not even a consideration for the first few years. Only after people continually asked me where to find the devices did I decide to get into the business of selling Zappers and Beck products. But sales have always been a secondary issue, not the primary focus.

The goal is to get more and more people to use Zappers, Colloidal Silver, and Pulsers, to get the info and the products in the hands of as many people as possible so there will be no way to stop them. If enough people use and know about them, and see results, it makes it harder for them to be forced off the market.

Over the past few years, more medical professionals are using and recommending zappers, pulsers, and other electronic devices to their patients. So, the tide is turning, slowly, and it’s important that the number of people made aware keeps growing.

You, the consumer, must be aware of these devices and what they can do, but not tricked or suckered into buying something based on unfounded claims. When sick with a major illness, it’s easy to jump on anything that might offer relief. If I were dying, you can bet I would do whatever I could to find something that worked.

Unfortunately, nothing works for everybody! And there is way too much hype in the health industry, as well as in the medical profession and the drug industry. Look at any 6:00 pm national newscast and see what the majority of their advertising is about. Anyone who says the drug companies aren’t in control has a vested interest somewhere.

In my opinion, the information provided by Dr. Clark and Dr. Beck can be truly life-saving. But, I am not a medical doctor and don’t pretend to be one. You have the right to choose the medical treatment that suits you.

May your journey to good health be fruitful.


This article can be freely used as long as my name and a link to this website are provided. I’ve seen it posted too many times with no name or someone else’s on it, which is irritating, to say the least.