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Dr. Clark's Four Main Cleanses
A Breakdown

You know why cleansing your body of the obstacles to good health is so important.

Now, we're finally here to talk about how to make it happen!

The fact is, we clean everything. Our yards, our homes, our food, our dishes, our air, and, of course, the outside of our bodies. It makes sense that we also want to clean the inside to make sure it's functioning how we need it to.

So, let's get to the good stuff, and remember that much more information on each cleanse is on our blog!

Parasite Cleanse

Want to kill parasites? Don't try clinical medications since they only kill one or two types each. Worse yet, they tend to make you feel unwell.  Imagine taking 10 different drugs to kill a dozen types of parasites! Good news for the drug makers out there but bad news for you (funny how that works).

Parasite Cleanse

Yet a mere three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! Without nausea, without any interference with any drug that you are already on, without even a headache!

That may sound too good to be true, but it's true! These herbs are nature's gift to us.

The herbs are Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves. These three herbs have to be used together, as each plays a specific role in the cleanse.

Ornithine and Arginine are optional but recommended. Dying parasites release toxins, like ammonia. Ornithine and arginine are natural amino acids that detox ammonia! We carry the cleanse with or without these optional items.

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Kidney Cleanse

The kidney cleanse is one of Dr. Clark's most important cleanses. So many toxins pass through our kidneys every day, and this cleanse strengthens and cleanses our kidneys. It removes and dissolves kidney stones and urinary tract bacteria.

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How? Dr. Clark meticulously chose seven herbs and roots. By breaking down each part of the cleanse, it's easy to see why she chose the ones she did. (See our blog for that!)

So what are the roots and herbs? The roots (hydrangea root, marshmallow, and gravel root) are used to make a tea. And then black cherry concentrate, goldenrod, ginger, uva ursi, vitamin B6, and magnesium complete the cleanse.

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Liver Cleanse

The liver is our largest functional organ and performs more functions than any other organ, so it needs to stay healthy!

It's got miles of bile ducts that need to be clean so that they don't clog. The liver cleanse is the shortest, least expensive, and yet most effective cleanse.

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Made up of only four ingredients, Dr. Clark called her famous liver cleanse "the single most effective step towards general health".

It's easy to see why! The liver is the most important detoxification organ. It also produces many different chemicals for immunity and countless other functions. Plus, it produces bile salts and digestive enzymes to support digestion.

The backbone of this cleanse is the Epsom salt and ornithine. The other component is an olive oil & pink grapefruit juice mixture that acts as a kicker to expel the bile. We carry Epsom salt and ornithine, but olive oil and pink grapefruit juice must be purchased at your local supermarket.

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Bowel Cleanse

70% of our immune system lies within our bowel. Bowel bacteria come mainly through food and water and can disrupt the delicate intestinal flora

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Dr. Clark mentions that bowel disorders are always connected to bacteria. That harmful bacteria can then invade other parts of the body and colonize!

The bacteria it aims to eliminate salmonella, shigella, e. Coli, clostridium, and other harmful intestinal bacteria.

Many people report that after the bowel program they do not suffer from constipation or, on the other hand, from diarrhea anymore. You'll know the cleanse has worked when your mind is clearer and your belly is flat.

It contains turmeric, fennel seed, betaine hydrochloride, digestive enzymes, cascara sagrada, black walnut hull tincture, magnesium oxide, and Lugol's iodine (skip this if you're allergic).

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