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Health Matters
by Dennis Harwood

Most of the information found on this website is widely available on the internet, in books, magazine articles, etc. Our intention in providing it here is to offer an overview of alternative healing methods and devices that are widely used all over the world on a daily basis by thousands of people. It’s more difficult than ever these days to make an informed decision regarding your health. So much information is of questionable origin that it is difficult at times to know if something is true or just someone else’s opinion. We’ve done our best to only include items that are relevant, to the point, accurate, and as interesting as we can find or produce on our own. The content will be continually changing as we run into new information and new research.

Start with the information on Dr. Hulda Clark and work your way down to the Dr. Robert C. Beck items. Both of these researchers have provided fascinating insights into the cause and treatment of many illnesses. Dr. Clark’s Syncrometer and Zapper are very different devices from the Blood Purifier/Colloidal Silver Maker, Magnetic Pulse Generator, Colloidal Silver Maker, and Water Ozonator that Dr. Beck has made available. All of these items should be considered an indispensable part of your “medicine cabinet” for use on a routine basis in the on-going quest for good health.

The search for good health is often confusing because of the sheer number of products claiming to be the ultimate cure. Modern medical science has made miraculous discoveries over the years that have been extremely beneficial to us all. Unfortunately, at the same time, far too many high-tech “miracle cure” products (medical “disasters” waiting to happen) have been released to an unsuspecting public that has caused untold suffering. The statistics for doctor and drug induced deaths and illnesses each year is astounding! Yet, you will rarely ever hear about them. Doctors and their treatments are the third (and now possibly the first) leading cause of death in the U.S.!

Let just a few people get sick on a natural vitamin or alternative therapy, however, and the FDA, the medical establishment, and the drug companies are screaming to take the product off the market and punish the wicked people selling it. This is truly no exaggeration. The health and medical “experts” in this country have a definite double standard by which they compare pharmaceuticals and natural remedies. A drug company can show a statistical improvement of 6% with their new “wonder drug”, with limited benefits and dozens of side-effects, and still be hailed as the savior of us all. An all natural remedy can show improvements of 50% or more and, because it couldn’t cure 100% of the time, will still be called a dismal failure. Does this picture seem a bit skewed to you? It definitely appears out of wack to me. Read the article from USA Today about the FDA’s use of experts with ties to the chemical and drug industries and prepare to be surprised.

What’s the answer? Information and awareness. And a return to customer oriented medicine. Stop believing everything your doctor tells you without asking questions. Make him/her treat you as an adult who has a right to know what you are putting into your body, not an overgrown child who has to blindly follow directions with no questions asked because you are too stupid to understand. If you ask a question and your doctor won’t answer or is too busy to talk to you in the first place, get another doctor. There are lots of them around, just look in the yellow pages. More and more dedicated doctors are breaking away from the combined iron fist of the drug companies, the medical establishment, and the FDA, and finding natural alternatives that work. Unfortunately, they are being hounded in every way imaginable to prevent their successes from happening and close their doors forever. Fortunately, too many people have taken notice, gotten sick of being sick all the time, gotten tired of drugging themselves silly all the time, and, in general, decided there had to be a better way.

Look around you. The tried and true remedies and cures of ages past have been getting a bum rap for too long. There are highly effective cures for most illnesses right under our noses. Just because your AMA-trained doctor doesn’t know about them doesn’t mean they don’t work. Keep an open mind, a willingness to try new things, use common sense, and listen to your body. Good health is obtainable!

As always, a disclaimer needs to be posted as a warning to all to take any information found in these pages as hypothetical or theoretical in nature. In no way is any of this information to be construed as offering medical advice or treatment for any illness, however minor or serious. A licensed physician should be consulted before beginning or ending any course of medical treatment (they made us say that).