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Hulda Clark Information

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and the Master of Arts, with High Honors. After two years of study at McGill University, she attended the University of Minnesota, studying bio-physics and cell physiology. She received her Doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. In 1979 she left government funded research and began private consulting on a full time basis. Eleven years later she noticed clues as to the cause of cancer.

In 1993 Dr. Clark published her book, “The Cure for All Cancers”, (click here for a look at major excerpts from the book) which explained the connection between cancer and the human intestinal fluke parasite (Fasciolopsis Buskii). Dr. Clark discovered that in every case of cancer she studied the patient had this same parasite. Kill the flukes and the cancer stops immediately and tissues become normal. Without the fluke cancer never develops.

This astounding bit of news was followed by Dr. Clark’s book, “The Cure for All Diseases”, which further explained that all diseases are caused by only two things, parasites and toxins. The truly unfortunate and scary thing about Dr. Clark’s discoveries concerning parasites and toxins is the fact that they are in virtually everything we eat and come in touch with on a daily basis. Milk, bread, cheese, cereal, peanut butter, juices, nuts, eggs, meats, the list of foods is endless. And our cosmetics are no better. Products are routinely polluted with solvents and other toxic substances used in the manufacturing process, such as: Benzene, Tolulene, Formaldyhyde, Isoproply Alchohol, Cobalt, Mercury, Thulium, Cadmium, etc. It is the combination of toxic substances and parasites attracted to these toxins into areas of the body they have no business being in that is the cause of disease.

The Cure For All Cancers
The Cure for All Diseases

The Human Intestinal Fluke is so commonly found in the intestines that it derives its name from the association. Unfortunately, Flukes are attracted to Propyl Alcohol. A build up of Alcohol in the liver attracts the Flukes and eventually liver cancer forms. Kill the Flukes or eliminate the Alcohol, and the cancer goes away or never forms to begin with.Read Dr. Clark’s books, including “The Cure for All HIV & Aids”, to learn more. Her books are loaded with invaluable information and alternatives recipes of all sorts. “The Cure for All Diseases”, in particular, is a treasure-trove of knowledge about illness and pains of all kinds, from your big toe all the way up to the top of your head and everything in-between. I have repeatedly found the information to be accurate and useful on a daily basis in the quest for a disease-free life.

Dr. Clark doesn’t have all of the answers, but she does have a lot of them. More than was previously available from any source. Her discoveries of the true cause of disease, the Syncrometer and the Zapper, offer us all hope for a healthy future. Do your part and check it out for yourself. Don’t take our word for it or anyone else’s. Learn for yourself what it takes to acquire and keep good health. Click here to read what Dr. Clark has to say about the discovery of the Zapper.

All ideas and opinions expressed on this page should be considered hypothetical or theoretical in nature and should not be considered as the offering of medical advice. Readers are encouraged to research Dr. Clark’s findings for themselves to find the truth. Discuss these ideas with a licensed medical physician and take note of their apathy or lack of understanding of the parasite/pollution connection. If they refuse to discuss these ideas with you, get another doctor. They are, after all, there to serve you, not their own agenda. Give them something to think about.