Incurable Disease and Electro-Medicine |
Incurable Disease and Electro-Medicine
by Michael Forrest

Please Note: The Bob Beck Blood Purifier (Silver Pulser/RSG2) unit is also known by many as the Black Box. Any reference to the Black Box is referring to the Beck Blood Purifier.

Since the beginnings of time, disease has been one of humanity’s greatest scourges. Although science has made progress with the creation of vaccines and antibiotics, we still have many untreatable diseases, some of which are due to new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Some of these are responsible for Tuberculosis, Cholera, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Scarlet fever, Strep throat, and untreatable infections of the ears, skin, and blood. On top of that we have many incurable viral diseases, including AIDS, Ebola, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes, Hepatitis A and B, some cancers, and killer flus. Science is still looking for a magic bullet, but unfortunately not in the arena of electromedicine. That’s because electromedicine was “discredited” back in 1910 by the Flexnor Report, which was subsidized by John Rockefeller (who had just purchased stock in pharmaceutical companies.)

Despite this major setback, a great step was taken in the war against viruses and bacteria when doctors William Lyman and Steven Kaali made an astonishing announcement on March 14th of 1991 at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies. Lyman and Kaali, researchers from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, reported that a small amount of electric current, flowing through a dish of fluid containing the HIV virus, reduced its ability to infect cells by up to 95%! The electric current used was very small, (only 50-100 microamperes) which is safe for blood cells but harmful to viruses and other pathogens. The announcement was reported in Science News, Longevity Magazine, and the Houston Post. Unfortunately, further media coverage of this breakthrough was suppressed.

Dr. Kaali and Peter Schwolsky created a patent, #5188738, which describes a blood electrification device as being able to: “provide electric current flow through the blood sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids.” Their patent described blood treatment which involved extracting the blood, treating it with electricity, and reinjecting it back into the body. Also another method was described which required implanting an electrical blood treatment device into an artery. Both of these procedures would be lengthy, painful, and available only at considerable expense from hospitals or clinics.

To create a simpler and less invasive treatment, a health researcher by the name of Bob Beck came up with the idea of electrifying the blood by placing two electrodes on the skin directly over arteries in the ankles or wrist, and wired to an electronic device capable of painlessly injecting current into the bloodstream through the skin. A controlled amount of electrical current thus passes through the circulatory system while the patient rests or undertakes a quiet activity. Even though the electric current apparently does not kill the viruses, research has shown that it deactivates all of them, so that they lose the ability to infect cells. Viruses that can’t penetrate (infect) cells are fair game for removal by the immune system.

Therefore, during the period of treatment, the immune system can successfully remove these deactivated viruses from the body. Bacteria, fungus, and parasites in the blood are also neutralized by the electric current. Because this device was not FDA approved, Bob Beck left the U. S. for two years to test it on people with viral diseases and observe the results. He needed to determine not only the efficacy of this treatment, but its absolute safety. His experiments consisted of 1 to 2 hours of treatment per day over a 5 to 8 week period. As a result of these experiments, he concluded that anyone with any known or unknown virus, using the Black Box exactly as directed, would invariably become virus free and experience remission from their illnesses.

However, he also observed that some of his test subjects would experience a reinfection by the same virus, after a year or more of apparent freedom from it. He then realized that some viruses also remain in the lymph fluid and would eventually make their way back into the bloodstream, where they could infect cells, multiply, and once again bring back all the old disease symptoms. So, being the genius inventor that he is, he then created another device which he called the Magnetic Pulser.

Using a magnetic pulse, it creates a momentary electrical current in the lymph fluid which deactivates the viruses and other pathogens there in the same way that the Black Box affects those in the bloodstream. He then proceeded to use the Pulser on test subjects along with the Black Box. This combination usually proved to be completely effective at eliminating 100% of viruses from test subjects! Once he was satisfied with the results of his research, he was faced with the question of how to bring this technology to humanity for the benefit of all. He has chosen not to sell the Black Box and Magnetic Pulser, nor to associate himself (financially or otherwise) with the manufacturing of these devices.

Instead, he has dedicated himself with humanitarian fervor to lecturing and writing about the benefits of this type of electromedicine. His goal in creating the devices and disseminating the information has been to give the people an alternative to the dangerous, costly, and mostly ineffective drug therapies of the medical-pharmaceutical cartel. He charges nothing for his articles and lectures, and freely makes the schematics of the Black Box available so that people can build their own.

Those who are “electronically impaired” may wish to purchase their own from several small companies now producing both devices. The price of the Black Box ranges from $160 to $275, and the Pulser from $175 to $295. Some companies even give a money-back guarantee if the user does not experience benefits. This indefatigable researcher is currently assisting with orthodox medical studies on the effectiveness of his devices, so that they may have a chance for FDA approval. He states that these studies continue to prove the extreme effectiveness of the Black Box and Pulser, although due to the fact that the experiments are still in process, he cannot yet release the proof on paper to the public.

While stating numbers and percentages of people who have been cured by these means comes dangerously close to illegally “making claims”, a number of very strong testimonials do exist. In addition, the author of this article has experienced considerable relief from CFIDS by using the Black Box and Pulser together. The only problematic aspects of this treatment are the cleansing reactions caused by removal of pathogens,and the fact that users can only take Vitamin A and D, Beta Carotene, Niacin, garlic, medicinal herbs, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, and caffeine right after device usage each day).

It is my belief that many people who suffer with supposedly incurable viral and bacterial diseases can be restored to health in a simple and effective manner. I hope that this article will help to educate and empower those of the public who are willing to take responsibility for their own health care.

The information in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.