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Minnesota 1st State to offer Freedom of Choice
by Aquarius News (Atlanta)

The US constitution grants freedom of religion and the right to carry a gun, but not freedom of choice in matters of health healing.

In light of the situation in America today, some might think the founding fathers were less than all wise or that the nation might have benefited more from the practicality of “founding mothers.” What the US constitution failed to grant as a basic right, the legislature of the state of Minnesota has recently guaranteed.

On May 12th the governor of Minnesota signed into law a “Complimentary and Alternative Health Care, Freedom Of Access Act.”

The act permits unlicensed complimentary and alternative practitioners to practice in Minnesota. This act grew out of an attempt by the Minnesota Medical Practice Board to prohibit the practice of homeopathy by a long-standing and respected naturopath and the prosecution of a leading holistic medical doctor and a mercury-free dentist.

The Minnesota act is the first in the USA to specifically recognize and authorize the practice of complementary and alternative medicine by unlicensed practitioners and is therefore a historic first.

(Source: Aquarius News: http://www.aquarius-atlanta.com)

Way to go, Minnesota!

Comments from Dennis: Well, all I can say is – it’s about time!

U.S. citizens have put up with a growing trend towards less freedom of choice for far too long. Now, when are the other states going to do the same?

The drug companies don’t own the entire country and political system (yet). Who would have believed even a few years ago that the tobacco industry would be cornered and forced to pay in a big way? There are so many alternatives to drug-based medicines available that I find it hard to believe the American public has chosen to stay in the dark this long. But we are all guilty of looking for that magic little pill that will cure all our ills and do it by bedtime tonight.

Do you think I’m a bit cynical? I’ve seen it time and time again, and fell victim myself over the years to the slick ads on TV and in magazines, with their smiling, good looking actors promising me an end to my suffering. We see this repeated many times every single day. Yet our government, the AMA, and the drug companies continually try to convince us how dangerous vitamins and herbs are. They repeatedly warn us about using untried and untested folk remedies. And what do they recommend instead? Scientifically tested drugs with known side-effects that have been proven to kill tens of thousands of people every single year (see Doctors are third leading Cause of Death and Doctors may be leading cause of Death).

Do you know how many times some elected official or agency in our government has tried to pass legislation making herbs and vitamins only available by a doctor’s prescription? Far too many! Don’t let it happen. Be aware of your rights to choose what you want in health care and make sure those rights don’t get taken away from you.