New Tumor-Shrinking Techniques |
New Tumor-Shrinking Techniques

Tijuana, Mexico. An independent researcher, Hulda R. Clark, Ph.D., N.D., is finding the building blocks of tumors. Dr. Clark sees hundreds of cancer sufferers each month, and from them the patterns start to become apparent.According to Dr. Clark: “Each little tumor is a mass of tangled growth. In every one I find bacteria, making the tangled mass grow. The bacteria produce growth factors, probably for their own benefit, but our cells are also forced to multiply.These bacteria are not some exotic, foreign bacteria. They are common ones. Ones that we eat, drink, and have in the bowel.

Tapeworms facilitate the process. For instance, in every case of fibrocystic breast disease I also find tapeworm stages; but never in healthy breasts. A “stage” is a point in the life cycle of the organism. Just like a caterpillar is part of the life cycle of a moth. It’s the same animal, but a distinctly different stage. The tapeworm stage I most commonly find is the cysticercus. The cysticercus is the stage after the egg hatches. It’s a tiny sac that holds the scolex (head of the tapeworm). Once the head emerges the adult tapeworm develops, but I never see evidence of the adults. Just eggs and cysticercuses. And not just one variety, more like a dozen. The most common ones I see are Moniezia, Dipylidium and Diphyllobothrium erinacei. Contact with these are unavoidable, they infect cats, dogs and cattle.

Other unnatural things I always find in tumors are copper, freon and fungus. We are always coming into contact with copper by doing laundry, drinking, and showering with water that comes through copper plumbing. We are always picking up freon from refrigerators and air conditioners that leak their refrigerant (freon). But I don’t have a good explanation for how the fungus gets there. Nor do I know whether the fungus gets there first, and attracts the copper, freon, tapeworm stage and bacteria, or whether one of the others instigates the tumor. But even in people without tumors I can not remember seeing fungus without copper, or copper without freon. This indicates they have a mutual attraction.

The most common funguses I find are Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Rhizopus. Varieties of all of these are common in our environment. But it is not the fungus that is the problem so much as their waste products, called mycotoxins. One of the Penicillium fungi varieties produces a mycotoxin we are all familiar with, penicillin, deadly to many bacteria. But most mycotoxins are deadly to humans. The mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus, Penicillium and Rhizopus that I find omnipresent in cancer patients are Aflatoxin and Patulin. Aflatoxin is a known carcinogen and tumorigen (tumor-former), and Patulin has the unique ability to inhibit Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF).

The significance of TNF can not be understated. If I test a healthy person, I find TNF in their parathyroid glands. But if I test a cancer sufferer, there is none, anywhere. Then if you get rid of the Patulin, in less than 12 hours I find TNF in the parathyroids and the cancerous organ! So TNF is a powerful defense mechanism against tumors.

But restoring your body’s natural TNF, alone, will not win the battle against a tumor that has five layers to its survival. To shrink tumors you must get rid of all five contributors. Then TNF, and you, will win!

Getting rid of bacteria is the hardest task. Because I usually see Salmonella and Shigella, which are common dairy bacteria, the cancer sufferer must sterilize all dairy foods by boiling them first. Dairy products are valuable sources of calcium and other nutrients, so simply not eating them is not the preferred solution. Pasteurization does not sterilize completely. Dairy products, even butter, must be boiled first, or only eaten in cooked or baked dishes. The only way I have found to kill the bacteria already in your body is to take a large dose (2 teaspoons for an average size adult) of extra strength black walnut hull tincture.

I haven’t found a perfect tapeworm stage killer. The most effective treatment I know of is sixteen teaspoons of extra strength black walnut hull tincture. Another approach that has a great deal of effectiveness is to “zap” them with electricity. If you do not get rid of the tapeworm stages they will shed bacteria which will thwart your efforts in that area.

Change your plumbing to plastic in order to keep from absorbing copper. And take four intravenous (IV) treatments of EDTA to chelate out the copper already in your body.

Purchase one of the new types of refrigerators that doesn’t use freon, and don’t keep your old one in the garage as a spare, because you still breath that air, too. Freon is inert. The liver can not make a compound that reacts with it, so freon does not leave the body spontaneously. The only effective treatment I know of is to drink Ozonated water (three glasses a day). That moves the freon to the liver. Then drink liver herbs (two cups a day) to move it to the kidneys. Finally take kidney herbs to assist the kidneys in the final elimination. The whole program takes six to eight weeks.

The easiest villain to eliminate is fungus. The same black walnut tincture that you used to kill bacteria and tapeworm stages also works against fungus. Soon after the fungus is gone, so will their mycotoxins, like Aflatoxin and Patulin.

Just two to three days after starting all of these programs, tumor shrinkage will be noticeable. Get ultrasounds, CAT scans or MRI’s to verify progress. Although the steps outlined may seem overwhelming, the excitement of seeing and feeling yourself get well will motivate you to overcome all obstacles!”

Dr. Clark is the author of several books, including “The Cure For All Cancers” (1993, New Century Press, 800-519-2465) which focuses on the malignancy aspect of cancer. In all of her books she gives away the recipes for making extra strength black walnut hull tincture, the liver herbs, the kidney herbs, and the electric “zapper.”

Because the majority of cancers are tumorous, Dr. Clark advises all healthy people to follow these recommendations, so they can avoid ever having tumors, or cancer. Her next avenue of research is to determine why, when all five tumor components are so common, do we not all start forming tumors. Which of those five, or an unknown sixth element, is the trigger.