Questions & Answers about the Beck Protocol |
Questions & Answers about the Beck Protocol
by Michael Forrest

Please Note: The Bob Beck Blood Purifier unit is also known by many as the Black Box. Any reference to the Black Box is referring to the Beck Blood Purifier (Silver Pulser/RSG2).

Are the Black Box (Blood Purifier) and Magnetic Pulser safe? Are the Black Box (Blood Purifier) and Magnetic Pulser safe? Yes, the Blood Purifier (Silver Pulser) delivers less current than the AMA approved TENS units, and the Magnetic Pulser delivers only momentary pulses of a magnetic strength that is less than that of the MRI (Magnetic Nuclear Resonance Imaging). Of course, their safety depends on your not getting too toxic by using them longer and more often than you should. It also depends on your not taking herbs & medicines anytime other than right after using the Blood Purifier (at 4hz).

How long have these devices been available? Since 1991 when these were invented by Bob Beck as an alternative to the Medical Machines goal of only utilizing this technology on patients by extracting their blood, treating it electrically, and then re-injecting it (as a dialysis machine does). This, of course would be timely, costly, and painful. Also it would keep the technology out of the hands of the common man and in the control of the Medical System.

How do you know this isn’t just a well hyped scam? Because this biotechnology is based on reproducible laboratory research findings which prove the consistent negative effects that electric current has on microbes. Some hospitals now are conducting research studies that are successfully proving these devices totally eliminate viruses and other microbes from patients. Also, presently in Southern California the AIDS community is clamoring for these devices for their healing because enough of them have gotten rid of HIV so that they’re finally convinced that it works. Also, this author, as well as many others have gotten well from virally induced diseases by using these devices. Also, there is a major medical device patent issued for the use of this blood electrification technology.

Is the Blood Purifier’s electric current harmful to the blood at all? Yes and No. White blood cells (immune cells) that are weakened by infection can have their cell walls ruptured (a process called Lysing) which will cause their demise. The rate at which the weakened cells are destroyed by the electric current is dependent on the amount of time the person uses the Blood Purifier daily.

This is why it is very unwise to use it any more daily than what the instructions recommend (especially for the first 3 weeks), especially if the persons immunity is already low. But this is ultimately good to have the infected blood cells destroyed so that the body will have the opportunity to make new replacements and have access to the viruses that were hiding inside so they can be eliminated. But during those first few weeks it is extra important that people with chronic infections and a weakened immune system also take colloidal silver (1/2 – 1 cup daily) which will act like a secondary immune system that destroys microbes in the throat, stomach, and intestines and boosts the immune system. Otherwise the person will be more prone to getting new infections or getting sick. Lab tests prove that healthy blood cells aren’t negatively affected by this electric current.

Do these devices produce a harmful ‘EMF’ (electro-magnetic field)? The Blood Purifier doesn’t produce any EMF. The Magnetic Pulser produces some but only for a fraction of a second every 7 seconds when it pulses. EMF that is harmful is strong and continuous (such as what you get when living under a high voltage line).

Why do I have to limit taking herbs and medicine to the time right after Blood Purifier usage? Because during electric current application blood cells more readily absorb chemicals that are in the bloodstream. (~20x more.) But it can be avoided by giving the body plenty of time (22-23 hours) to expel the medicinal chemicals by taking them right after each session. The electric currents effect on blood cells exists only while the current is applied.

Is this rule of taking medicinals only after device usage absolute? Nothing is absolute except universal love. If you think your liver and kidneys are working well and you’re not averse to drinking plenty of water then you might ingest your medicinals both morning and evening and see how you feel. Of course start by limiting the dosage so you won’t make yourself too sick if it don’t work well for you. The time you use the Blood Purifier will have to be right before one of the two times you take medicinals.

What has been your experience with this rule? I had some strong Chinese herbal yin tonic tea that I used to test myself with. When I’d drink 2 cups of it before Blood Purifier usage I’d get really sick within 2 hours (headachey, weak, shakey, nauseous). When I’d drink it right after usage I’d stay normal feeling.

What are your recommendations for making sure the body has eliminated all herbs & drugs within 23 hours? Drink plenty of liquids that are cleansing such as water, fruit juice, and vegetable juice. If one has poor kidney function then he/she should take one of these food diuretics; watermelon, cucumber, or parsley. Sweating is not advised because it is too dehydrating although it helps eliminate toxins from the skin. Rebounding is good because it keeps the lymph fluid moving.

Why does Bob Beck and other device manufacturers claim that these devices cause electroporation? Because Beck mistakenly thought that the high-absorption effect was electroporation without studying the science journals enough to realize that it couldn’t be electroporation which is a very severe and unwanted effect.

What is electroporation? It is a temporary condition of the outer membrane of blood cells becoming “porous” as a result of high electric fields affecting the cells. While the cells are porous, normally unwanted fluid & substances can enter into the blood cell with resultant disturbing effects. This man-made effect is useful to scientists though, which is why there are companies like Genetronics which manufacture laboratory instruments which induce electroporation. It should be a great relief to all to know that these blood electrification devices do not produce an effect so extreme as electroporation.

What is the evidence that the high-absorption effect is not electroporation? Brian Austin, Technical Support Manager at Genetronics (an electroporation device company), emailed me concerning the Black Box that “with the (electrical) conditions used, there should be no electroporation effects. Field strengths are not high enough.” J. C. Weaver of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in his report on electroporation published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (51:426-435 1993) reported “In the case of isolated cells, mammalian cells experience electroporation for electric fields of about E=1kv/cm (1000 volts with a distance of 1 centimeter between electrodes) for short pulses.” The Black Box produces about 1.35 volts per centimeter when the electrodes are placed on the same wrist. Another electroporation device manufacturer, Cyto Pulse Sciences, stated on their website (in the equipment tutorial) that red blood cells need 1430 volts per centimeter for electroporation.

What is the evidence that the blood cells are more absorptive during electrification? In the Biophysics Journal, Vol. 58 Oct 1990, pages 897-903 the authors wrote that “…electric fields that generate transmembrane potential in the range of millivolts are capable of activating membrane transport systems.” (The Black Box creates a potential across the blood cell membranes of millivolts.) Also; “…reversible activation of certain membrane channels or transport systems may be achieved using low-amplitude, low frequency alternating current fields. Electric fields as small as 16 volts per centimeter have been shown to induce membrane conductance, and these effects were completely reversible. Human erythrocytes treated with such ac fields for hours were shown to have normal shape, volume, and permeabilities to potassium and sodium.”

What is the best time to use the Blood Purifier? Because of high-absorption it is best to use it when your blood stream has the least amount of potentially toxic byproducts of metabolism in it, which is when you awaken from sleep. Second best time would be right before going to bed.

Does the Magnetic Pulser also cause the high-absorption effect? No, because the induced electric current from the Pulser lasts for only a fraction of a second each time it pulses. This is not enough to activate the blood cells membrane transport system.

Are there any patents for devices using the same kind of technology that the Magnetic Pulser uses? Yes. Patent # 4524079 is entitled “Deactivation of Microorganisms by an Oscillating Magnetic Field”. In the abstract of it you’ll find; “A single pulse of the magnetic field generally decreases the microorganism population by at least about 2 orders of magnitude” (100 times less).

Should seasoning herbs and alcoholic drinks also be avoided except right after Blood Purifier usage? Yes. Also avoid all minor medicines (including laxatives and headache medicine), high potency vitamins, vitamin A, D, Beta Carotene, niacin, garlic, caffeine, nicotine, and recreational drugs. Salt and other minerals are needful for adequate current flow in the bloodstream though. It’s advisable to use sea salt every meal. Salt is an essential nutrient and is especially needed by the adrenal glands for normal functioning.

What is the biggest obstacle to people using this technology other than having to limit use of medicinals? Unbelief, Martyr’s Complex, losing financial aid if they get well, and a desire to die. Most people think that because their doctor doesn’t OK it that it can’t be the answer. They have a “group mind” which has to stay conventional until the whole group moves on. Our industrialized society designed the school system to mold our thinking that way so that we won’t think for ourselves. The goal was to form us all into “economic units” instead of strong individuals able to act independent of the group if deemed necessary. A Martyr’s Complex is what many weak people adopt as a way to get the attention and sympathy they desire. They think people will esteem them for their needless longsuffering. The desire to die is also very prevalent in our society because people are unhappy and so they give up and subconsciously want out instead of standing tall and recreating their life into something more fulfilling.

With this despairing mindset, though, they only get disease and more suffering, not a way out. Negative thoughts or the lack of strong healthy ones cause the immune system to weaken which then allows microbes to multiply and cause disease. Microbes exist to return the weak to the earth for recycling. If you don’t cultivate and accumulate thoughts of vitality and prosperity then you silently give the recycling process the OK to prematurely proceed on you. Think vital to be vital.

How do I know the devices are working for me? Unless you have considerable immune dysfunction you will get varying degrees of cleansing reactions such as headaches, stiff joints, nausea, sleepiness, weakness, foggy thinking, and dulled speech. The immune system attacking and removing disabled viruses and bacteria causes the cleansing reactions. The intensity of the cleansing reactions is controllable by the length of time that you daily use the Blood Purifier. Longer usage time = more cleansing reactions. Users limit the time according to how they feel afterward.

Do these devices disable the good bacteria in the intestines as well as the bad? The Magnetic Pulser is said to disable all bacteria, both good and bad, which is why if you have poor digestion you shouldn’t use it on the abdomen. The Blood Purifier doesn’t affect the intestinal contents. It is advisable that one take a good (expensive) Acidophilus supplement for one month after stopping use of the Magnetic Pulser if it was used on the abdomen. You also might try taking some acidophilus every day after pulsing and some with meals during the treatment period. Pulsing the abdomen isn’t essential though.

Why can’t I just use the Magnetic Pulser alone if it affects every part of the body? Because it won’t get everything that is in the bloodstream because the blood circulates too fast for its once every 7 second pulse. Only the Blood Purifier is said to clear the bloodstream totally. The prime target areas for the Magnetic Pulser are the stomach and lymph nodes which is where pathogens are collected for destruction by the white blood cells which are created there in the nodes. Deactivating them there makes them easier prey.

Why is it recommended that the negative side of the Magnetic Pulser’s coil be placed against the body when pulsing? The negative (-) side is magnetic North. Bio-Magnetics people say that north pole energy arrests bacteria and growths, controls inflammations, reduces congestion, calms nerves, reduces pain, slows down overactive organs, attracts oxygen, increases alkalinity, contracts tissue, controls bleeding, and dissolves fat. Magnetic south pole energy is said to help areas of poor circulation and to stimulate underactive organs or glands. Unfortunately it also aids tumor and bacteria growth.

Are these devices safe to use on someone with electrical implants (such as a pacemaker)? The Blood Purifier delivers electric current into the bloodstream. This current, like all others follows the path of least resistance. When both electrodes are placed on the arteries of one wrist then the current makes a loop traveling along the arterial paths which are through the hand and also down the arm around where the elbow is and then back up to the wrist. So its effects basically don’t extend past the elbow although it’s possible that some minor current also extends to the major arteries near the spine.

Because of this possibility I would only recommend that people with electrical implants above the waist use the ankles for Blood Purifier electrode placement. The reasoning here is that the arteries from the ankles of both legs make a major arterial connection in the lower abdominal area. This 2 into 1 termination would preclude any current going beyond that connection. As far as the Magnetic Pulser goes, I wouldn’t use it within 12″ of any sensitive electrical implant. My tests with a secondary coil revealed no perceptible electromagnetic change at that distance from the coil of the Magnetic Pulser.

What do you know about Hulda Clarks ‘Zapper’? It’s an electromedicine device that has helped many people but has made some people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome worse with greater fatigue and insomnia. It has also given some people stiffness in a finger joint (possibly because being a single polarity device it might cause electrolysis). Tests have proven that it doesn’t create enough electrical current in the bloodstream to affect viruses. This author used it before using the Blood Purifier and found that it’s not nearly as effective a cleanser as the Blood Purifier.

What does it mean if someone gets better using these devices but still doesn’t feel totally healthy? It means that he/she has gotten rid of the source of the problem but not the results of the problem. The results may be a congested liver, weakened adrenals, mineral imbalances, low thyroid output, lessened acidophilus count in the intestines, weakened cardiovascular system, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, systemic Candida, hard to kill intestinal bacteria and parasites, and countless other nuances. As a person corrects these remaining imbalances with the help of a Naturopath he/she will slowly regain his/her feeling of vitality. Also, even without other problems, sometimes it takes a few months to recover as the immune system slowly regains vitality.

Is there anyone these devices can’t help? Everyone is a carrier of multitudes of bacteria and viruses that these devices are said to help clear out. For instance, a book about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome states that 97% of adults carry the Epstein-Barr Virus. The immune system is constantly expending energy to keep bacteria and viruses from multiplying to harmful levels. If they were all eliminated then the body’s energy could be redirected to avenues of healing and building instead of defense.

Should my mate use the Blood Purifier also? Yes. It is thought that to prevent re-infection with the viruses that you’ve already shared through kissing and intercourse he/she should also use it. Otherwise, you should probably continue to use it 15-30 minutes every day as long as you two are together.

Why doesn’t this literature include the results of the medical studies on the Blood Purifier? The results are not available yet for the public because the studies have not finished a legal process that will give the Blood Purifier a chance at FDA approval. Releasing the results to the public prematurely could ruin this process.

If I get better will my testimony be of any use to you? Yes, very definitely. All testimonies are greatly welcome, even negative ones. You can research their effectiveness of them on yourself and then let us know of the results so that this research can be shared with others. This collective research will allow all to know of their best use and most specific actions on pathogens and the human body.

What is the size and weight of the units, and can I still do things while using them? The Blood Purifier is 4″x3″x2″ and is very lightweight. You can still walk around while using it and do other things as long as you are careful to not catch the wires on anything. The Magnetic Pulser is slightly larger and heavier because the coil weighs 1 pound. You need to stay in one place while using it because it is powered by an AC adapter. It only takes 10 minutes or so to fully use it.

How long does it take to use the Blood Purifier daily? Users should gradually work up to using it at least 1 hour daily. If someone has much immune dysfunction or poor circulation then they should use it 2 hours daily. This should be done daily for two months. It is OK to break up usage time daily into 2 or 3 sessions to total the target usage time.


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