Questions & Answers about the Beck Protocol – Part 2 |
Questions & Answers about the Beck Protocol – Part 2
by Michael Forrest

More Questions & Answers about the Bob Beck Protocol

Is it OK to eventually use the Bob Beck Blood Purifier (Silver Pulser) more than the 1 or 2 hours daily? Yes. 1 or 2 hours daily is an effective exposure time but if you can handle more time without getting splitting headaches or other cleansing reactions then go for it. Excessive cleansing reactions are your only true limiting factor after the first 3 weeks.

If I’m still getting cleansing reactions after the recommended 60-90 hours of Blood Purifier usage should I keep using it? Yes. Cleansing reactions are a sure indication that you haven’t completed the elimination of all pathogens. If you think you’re all clear then use it for 3 hrs daily for 3 days and see if you feel worse afterwards. If you don’t, then you’re finished using it. People with very weak immune systems or liver or kidney dysfunction usually have to use it much longer than recommended.

What about its usage against colds and flu? After the normal treatment period a person’s immune system will be stronger and will protect you better. If I caught a cold or flu bug, then I would pulse (with the Magnetic Pulser) all over my body and use the Blood Purifier for at least two hours straight (switching to other wrist after one hour). If I started immediately after noticing sickness coming on then I could keep it from getting worse. These viruses have a quick life cycle which requires a lot of Blood Purifier usage in order to stop every new generation of them from re-infecting cells.

What if I already feel too toxic to use these devices? You can increase the detoxifying action of your kidneys by drinking the kidney cleansing tea (recommended later) and taking 50mg Silymarin (Milk Thistle extract which detoxes the liver) daily for 3 weeks previous to using the Blood Purifier (Silver Pulser). Then use the following info.

How do I prevent getting toxic reactions? Eat light vegetarian meals for at least the preceding 12 hours before device usage, and also for the first 3 days of use. Also drink lots of pure water (especially before Blood Purifier usage), and eat or juice cucumbers or watermelon (both are diuretics). You can also take 1 tsp. of Barley Grass Powder in 2-3 oz of water 3 times per day (sip slowly). Barley Grass helps the liver from accumulating too many toxins (dead parasites) and is high in S.O.D., an enzyme which protects all cells from damage by toxins. Start slowly and daily increase the time of device usage for the first few days. If you wake up with a headache then you might want to use the Blood Purifier only 15 minutes that day. Drink 3 cups daily of Blood Purifying Tea for the first week of Silver Pulser usage. (See end of Q&A for recipe). Take Psyllium husks stirred into liquid twice daily to prevent constipation (which can hinder detoxification).

What if I have bad digestion? Before anything else you should do the gallbladder flush which is said to restore proper flow of bile for digestion of fats and proteins. Also start taking a digestive enzyme capsule or acidophilus capsule with each meal to make up for the lack of acidophilus in the intestines due to use of the Pulser. The best vegetarian digestive enzyme I know of is made by Cell Tech (product #501). You can buy it from someone who sells Cell Tech products (they sell mostly blue green algae) or become a distributor by calling 1-800-800-1300. (Note from Dennis: We have an excellent digestive enzyme as well, the E3Live Enzyme Supreme and the Digest Plus). If you take the acidophilus and you feel that the killing of it by the Magnetic Pulser is leaving your digestion too weak, then stop pulsing your intestines and make sure you take an expensive acidophilus powder with water or fruit juice every morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast. (Also mentally relax while digesting food.)

Will these devices kill worms in the intestines and organs? The Blood Purifier is said to kill or disable worms only in the bloodstream & organs. It is said the Magnetic Pulser may aid in the elimination of worms from the intestines. To quickly kill worms in the intestines you can try the following herbal remedy for 4 weeks previous to using the Blood Purifier. The most potent product for this is Quadruple Strength Black Walnut Hull Tincture. This is a greenish colored liquid tincture. Most other Black Walnut tinctures are not green, which means that the hulls were not processed when fresh and are therefore very weak. The dosage is 5 drops in 1/4 cup water with 1/4 teaspoon powdered vitamin C stirred in. Take this every morning at least 10 minutes before breakfast. After 7 days, you can take 2 teaspoons once every week for the remaining 3 weeks. If you have pets, you should give them Black Walnut also (dose by weight). Microscopic protozoan parasites have been successfully eliminated with citrus seed extract and the herb Artemesia Annua. If sensitive to citrus seed extract, then order only “Artemesia Annua”.

Should I be concerned about possible intestinal worms? Yes, everybody should who has ever played on dirt, eaten meat, or eaten raw vegetables. Most ancient cultures took something every year to kill intestinal parasites but we think we’re too advanced for that nowadays. But guess what? We’re not! Almost everybody has some unwanted critters inside them. And to be truly healthy we must be free of all parasites that rob us of needed nutrients and poison us with their wastes.

What is known to work for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? For chronic fatigue of a viral type, Bob Beck recommends that users work up to using the Blood Purifier 2 hours daily for 6 weeks along with using the Magnetic Pulser on all areas of the body. Then consult a Naturopath to help correct other remaining problems.

Can these devices help eliminate Candida? Yes. Blood electrification can eliminate it from the bloodstream but it also needs to be eliminated from the intestines which can be done with 464 Hz from a Beck-Rife type unit. Otherwise one could go on an anti-Candida diet and use the following two supplements: The first is Tanalbit which is an herbal extract in capsule that contains much plant tannins said to kill Candida. Second is MSM, a nutritional sulfur, which corrects the body’s PH so that Candida can’t live in the bloodstream (systemically). Both are from Tides of Life. (I’ve used both and they work well.)

What about AIDS? Bob Beck believes from his experiences with helping AIDS patients that anyone who uses his devices 100% as directed will definitely experience remission. He recommends getting a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test (which counts the # of retrovirus DNA/RNA fragments in the blood sample) before Blood Purifier treatment and then 30 days after finishing the treatment (to give the body time to flush out all the deactivated viruses). This test typically costs $60. The standard HIV antibody test is worthless for determining the absence of HIV because once you get infected you will always have HIV antibodies. He says patients should expect their T-cell count to initially drop during treatment and then dramatically rise after a few months to over 200. This is because the virus damaged white blood cells will start to be removed from the system as the immune system will replace the removed ones. Beck claims that if these patients don’t also use the Magnetic Pulser to deactivate the viruses hiding in the lymph system that after a few months or years detectable re-infection will occur as a result of these viruses leaching back into the bloodstream. He also highly recommends using colloidal silver to help prevent opportunistic infections during the treatment period.

What about Ebola and Dengue? They are also viruses with a quick life cycle. If I were infected with Ebola or any of the other quick-kill infectious diseases I would use the Blood Purifier constantly in order to stop them.