Shipping Policy

Items Purchased

Products are normally shipped within 24 to 48 hours after an order is received.  If this time frame falls on a weekend or a statutory holiday, the shipping will be fulfilled on the next business day.

Out of Stock/Back Ordered Items

If an item(s) is not currently in stock; the purchaser we will be contacted to confirm if they wish a refund for the item(s) or if they would consent to placing their order on a “Back Ordered” status.  The customer will be notified when the item(s) are available and the shipping of the order has been fulfilled.

Currently Unavailable from the Manufacturer

Items that are not available from the Manufacturer will show a status of Currently Unavailable.  Customers are encouraged to contact us or to check the websites to confirm the availability of the item.

International Shipping, Duties, Taxes, & Customs Fees

Orders shipped to Canada will be shipped via FedEx International or USPS, depending on the customer's request. Shipments to Australia are only shipped via USPS; no other shipping options are available.

If your shipment is unable to be delivered to you for any reason or you refuse to accept a shipment, we cannot issue a refund or pay for the products to be returned to us. In the event that a package gets returned to us by Fedex without our consent and shipping costs are billed to us, we will contact you for advisement. In the event you request a refund, we reserve the right for a restocking fee to be applied (up to but no greater than 20% of the purchase price minus the original shipping cost). In the event you would like the package reshipped, shipping costs must be collected again.

Shipping supplements or devices to Spain, Mexico, or Columbia almost always results in problems with customs. The vast majority of orders do not make it to the customer. Please keep this in mind when shipping to any of these countries, and be advised that it is the customer's responsibility to do whatever research is needed in regards to importing products such as these.

Shipping via FedEx allows for the order to be delivered to your door, but please note that you may be required to pay the customs fees, duties, and taxes for the order upon delivery, or may be billed by customs at a later date. We have no control over these charges, nor do we benefit from them in any way. The shipping charges you pay up front do not include any duties and taxes that may be incurred.