Golden Zapper

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    The Golden Zapper is the Basic Zapper improved. Sporting 24 karat gold plated contacts, they're extremely resistant to corrosion. They stay clean, pretty, and conductive without any maintenance.

    The single largest complaint zapper users have is the copper contacts: they become corroded and dirty. Make no mistake, copper has many redeeming factors - it's naturally anti-bacterial and thus great for zappers. Plus, it still conducts electricity even while heavily corroded. But that said, it looks like heck and is simply unpleasant.

    However, the Golden Zapper is the Basic Zapper improved, with 24 karat gold plated contacts. Gold is the most resilient metal to corrosion. They stay clean and pretty without any maintenance.

    Care and cleaning: The Golden Zapper is supplied with a velveteen storage bag. This should be used because setting the zapper down onto the gold discs will cause wear to the gold that will lead to the underlying copper showing-through. The copper discs have been given a very heavy coat of 24 karat gold, but abusing the unit will shorten it's life, so use the bag when you're not zapping.

    It's good to make a habit of setting the Golden Zapper down on it's back, with the contacts facing up. Do not use anything abrasive to clean the gold discs as this will damage the gold discs and void your warranty. You can clean the Golden Zapper with mild soap and water on a damp, soft cloth. We recommend Simple Green. Do not spray liquids onto the Zapper, apply it to the cleaning cloth. With proper care your Golden Zapper will be useful for many years. It is guaranteed for materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.