Silver Smart Colloidal Silver Maker

Silver Smart Colloidal Silver Maker

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For thousands of years people have been using silver for purposes of disinfection. In the olden days, a silver coin was tossed into milk because it was known that the milk would keep longer that way. Nowadays, silver is mostly used in its colloidal state, that is to say finely dispersed as a solution in water. The quantities of silver needed this way are minute (some parts per million) and also more effective because of the smaller particle size. The effectiveness of colloidal silver against bacteria, funguses and viruses has been shown in lab tests. In alternative medicine it is often used as an antibiotic.

The Silver Smart

The Silver Smart is the most advanced colloidal silver maker on the market.

The problem with the conventional silver maker units is that the concentration of the silver solution is not known and therefore, neither is the total quantity of silver.

This is over with Silver Smart! The concentration of the silver colloid can be set between 10ppm (part per million) and 30ppm. That is the maximum value because using electrolysis a constant quality of the silver solution can't be guaranteed at higher concentrations.

The unit measures water resistance and the room temperature to correctly determine the concentration of the solution depending on the total current flow. Without these measurements, the value would be unreliable. The concentration of the silver solution as a result of water resistance, temperature and current flow was elaborated in the laboratory.

Since this unit measures and displays the water resistance (in micro Siemens), it can also independently be used as a water resistance meter. This is useful to know how light or how mineralized tap or bottled water is, and to check the functionality of a water filter."

The silver electrodes are according to Dr. Hulda Clark's purity standards. The unit runs on batteries and comes with a 2 year warranty.