Gel Electrodes for VariDevices

Gel Electrodes for VariDevices

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Four (4) electrodes

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2 pair (4 total) of gel pads for use with zappers, pulsers, bio-tuners, etc. Perfect for use with a zapper when wrist straps are causing skin irritation. These T.E.N.S. type pads work on any device with a 1/4" dome snap connector. These are replacements for the round gel pads that are shipped with the VariDevices.

If wrist straps are irritating your skin, but you don't want to use handholds, these pads are the best way to go. Many people experiencing skin irritation with wrist straps are reporting to us that the gel pads are working well with no problems.

These pads are re-usable but they do have a limited number of uses.