VariZapper 2.0

VariZapper 2.0

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After two years of development, it's finally here: the VariZapper 2.0!

The zapper is Dr. Hulda Clark's most important and most famous invention, and is a part of all of her protocols. Countless hours were spent developing the new generation of Clark Zappers and Frequency Generators together with a team of software and hardware engineers. We believe that this device will take Dr. Clark's concept of frequency applications to a whole new level.

On the VariGamma Frequency Generator, frequency programs can be generated, then transferred to any VariZapper. On top of everything else, the VariZapper can be upgraded to the VariGamma with the VariGamma module.

Other innovations and improvements include:

  • More precision thanks to the latest generation of electric components

  • No more disposable batteries. The fitted rechargeable battery can now be charged using the charger provided

  • Longer usage time per recharge

  • Pre-program battery check: An automatic message will warn you if your battery level is critical so you’ll never have to stop a program because of a rundown battery ever again

  • Huge, high-res screen

  • Upload the program drivers into the library once, and you’ll have them available on the device forever

  • No more program driver cards! New program drivers can be loaded at low cost via a smartphone app using NFC technology

  • User-friendly interface  rotating wheel as the main operation mechanism