Multi-wave Oscillator (Personal Unit)

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    The Multi-Wave Oscillator generates an electrical field known by many as having healing qualities.

    The Multi-Wave Oscillator generates an electrical field known by many as having healing qualities. Developed in the early part of the century by Lakhovsky who has many publications regarding the healing qualities of square-wave oscillations in human cells, the Multi-Wave Oscillator is gaining momentum in the realm of alternative medicine and self healing.

    The Innovative Products MWO has been constructed in faithful compliance with Lakhovsky's original work. Our first two units built back in early 2002 were tested over several months with volunteers suffering from various maladies.

    This MWO, as Lakhovsky's did 60 plus years ago has been shown to have remarkable healing powers. When the research into Lakhovsky and his MWO was begun, two questions needed to be answered. 1) Did Lakhovsky's MWO really do all the things that it was supposed to have done; and 2) Could we build one that could accomplish the same things. It only took a matter of days after the first two were built to receive back confirm that both questions seem to be in the affirmative.

    To date, users of the Lakhovsky MWO have successfully mitigated: This is only a partial list of the symptoms and medical conditions that users of the IP MWO have reported back to be successfully treated with the MWO.

    Persons with pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices should not use the MWO. Metal hips, knees, clips, screws and other metal implants previously installed have not been shown to cause a problem during treatment.

    A complimentary copy of "The Waves That Heal" is provided with every MWO or can be purchase separately and mailed to you. Once you become accustomed to having the MWO in your family and available as you need it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. The MWO seems to "take 20 years off".

    It stabilizes the immune system, purges toxins from the body and seems to just make everything work better. You may experience some level of fatigue within the first few days. This seems to arise from the body kicking into high gear. Some people experience tingling while sitting in the MWO and some do not. Most feel a relaxing calm come over them. You can experiment and see what works for you.

    Setting up your MWO

    The entire system comes packaged in a custom cut foam packing material to ensure successful shipping. Since the complete shipping package weighs in at 36 however the main power unit only weighs 19 lbs. and can be easily moved about in the home.

    The unit should be unpacked and setup in a comfortable location where access to power and a wooden or plastic chair is available. The main power unit should be placed on a solid table, counter or other supporting surface next to the chair or it can be place on the floor next to the chair. It is very important that the chair contain as little metal as possible, the metal in the chair will block the energy created by the machine.

    After unpacking all of the items from the case, setup the tripods and attach the Tesla Coils to the top of the tripods. Then, using a supplied brass screw, attach the golden ratio antenna to the end of the Tesla coil with the plastic pin, and the wire with the blue connector to the other coil with the blue connector.

    The other wire off the coils connect to the back of the power box, and the RED wire encased in the vinyl tubing is connected to the opposite end of each Tesla coil from the antenna. This completes the assembly of the unit, all the connections are very easy and only go together one way, and it does not matter in what order it is assembled, just that all is assembled before applying power to the unit. Complete instructions with pictures are supplied with every unit.

    The finals step is to plug in the power cord to the MWO and plug it into a grounded three-prong AC outlet. Operation of the machine is simple, JUST PUSH THE RED BUTTON! The unit is totally solid state controlled and counts down the time as the unit runs. The unit defaults to 15 minutes but can be adjusted between 5 and 30 minutes by simply pushing the button.

    The machine is designed to start two seconds after you push the button, this give you time to adjust the time if desired, and or get situated before it starts. To turn the MOW off prior to the end of a secession, simply push the button. The fan will continue to run for 10 minutes to cool down the electronics to ensure longevity of your investment.

    You will hear a faint popping sound during operation of the MWO coming from the inside of the power unit. The MWO uses a custom spark gap that is both quiet and virtually maintenance free. It does not create excessive ozone, nor does it emit tungsten dust. The spark gaps are used to "fire" the high voltage energy from a storage capacitor into the primary of the Tesla coils.

    The spark gaps generate the ultra wide band oscillating energy that makes the MWO work. The IP MWO is one of the quietest machines on the market if not the only quiet machine on the market due to our custom designed high precision spark gap. You can watch TV while running your machine and actually hear what is going on!

    The unit comes with the spark gap set at its initial suggested position however it can be adjusted as desired at any time while the machine is running. The gap may need to be adjusted from time to time if you notice that the power level has changed. The power may fluctuate slightly as the unit runs, this is normal, but if it seem out of order, just simply adjust it up or down as desired.

    It is not necessary or suggested to run the machine at maximum power, a lower power setting seems to create as much positive energy as the body can absorb anyway. Just as you would not operate your car with your foot to the floor continuously neither should you run the MWO wide open either. The machine will perform quite nicely with the gaps closed to a nice quiet level.

    To adjust the power level, simply turn the adjustment knob on the end of the unit, a very simple procedure you can do while the machine is running. Some people may actually be agitated if the energy level is set too high.

    At some point, the electrodes will wear down to a point at which they can no longer be properly adjusted and the machine will cease to function, at this point they will have to be replaced. However no one has worn out the spark gaps yet and I would anticipate it will be years before someone does.

    Caring for Your MWO. This Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator is built using the most rugged, industrial components available. There are no moving parts in the MWO except for the fan. The MWO antennas create ozone while it is running. The ozone will clean the air in your home or office and has been found to have positive health benefits on its own.

    Once set up it requires little maintenance of any kind and should operate without issue. If an issue was to arise, please contact us for support Immediately and if we can not instruct you as to how to adjust it over the phone, we will have you ship it back for a quick repair.