Multi-wave Oscillator (Professional Unit)

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    The Multi-Wave Oscillator generates an electrical field known by many as having healing qualities.

    In our relentless pursuit of developing the optimal MWO for optimal results, Tools For Healing has another model for the Professional market, and the researcher that is looking for the most advanced unit possible. This Professional unit incorporates antenna that are as accurate a reproduction of the original machines antenna as possible. The physical dimensions taken directly from the only true Lakhovsky machine still in existence today.

    The key to a great MWO is the antenna. That is where the magic happens. These antenna, have been confirmed by several users that have upgraded their units to be a huge improvement in the quality and effectiveness of the machine. If you are concerned for your physical well being and wish to have the best, you are in the right place.

    High Quality Construction

    The unit is professionally constructed from quality injection molded parts, the same way your TV is. It is designed to last for years with very little maintenance!

    Custom Made Non-Conductive Antenna Mounts

    Individually hand finished wood base with telescoping poles that vary from about 3 feet to 6 feet in height, quick and easy to adjust with wire controls built in. Bases come disassembled for lower cost shipping, but easily assemble with a standard screwdriver.

    Higher Power

    Since the full size antenna can handle more power, this unit uses a higher power transformer, and higher performance coils to give you a higher quality, more complete total body energy field.

    2 Year Warranty

    With the exception of abuse or lightning damage, this unit is covered for two years regardless of what fails, including the spark gap.

    Accurate Lakhovsky Antenna Reproductions

    Based on information supplied to me by a research scientist that was able to access and document one of the very few it not the only remaining machine built by Lakhovsky. These antenna are dimensionally accurate, made with 4 different metals as were the Lakhovsky antenna, and even ring a scale of notes as were described in Lakhovsky's writings. The antenna are mounted to a high insulated coil to ensure that the power goes into the antenna to ensure that they work at optimal performance.

    Solid State Controls

    The main power unit is computer controlled with a count down timer. It can be adjusted to run from 5 to 30 minutes a cession, and can be shut off with the push of a button. Once your cession is over, the units cuts it’s self off and continues to run the fan for 10 minutes to cool it off, then shuts down until you push the button again.

    Simple Machine Operation

    Just push the red button! The unit is totally solid state controlled and counts down the time as the unit runs. The unit defaults to 15 minutes but can be adjusted between 5 and 30 minutes by simply pushing the button. The machine is designed to start three seconds after you push the button, this give you time to adjust the time if desired, and or get situated before it starts. To turn the MOW off prior to the end of a secession, simply push the button. The fan will continue to run for 10 minutes to cool down the electronics to ensure longevity of your investment.

    Quiet Operation

    You will hear a faint popping sound during operation of the MWO coming from the inside of the power unit. The MWO uses a custom spark gap that is both quiet and virtually maintenance free. The IP MWO is one of the quietest machines on the market if not the only quiet machine on the market due to our custom designed high precision spark gap. You can watch TV while running your machine and actually hear what is going on!

    Minimal Ozone and no Tungsten Dust Emission

    It does not create excessive ozone, nor does it emit tungsten dust. The therapeutic ozone that it does create is created by the antenna and is just like the ozone created by nature, cleaning the air in your home while you use the machine.

    Setting Up Your MWO

    Setting up the system is very simple and the only tool required is a quarter!

    The entire system comes packaged in a custom cut foam packing material to ensure successful shipping. The main power unit only weighs 19 lbs. and can be easily moved about in the home. The unit should be unpacked and setup in a comfortable location where access to power and a wooden or plastic chair is available. The main power unit should be placed on a solid table, counter or other supporting surface next to the chair or it can be place on the floor next to the chair. All the connections are very easy and only go together one way, and it does not matter in what order it is assembled, just that all is assembled before applying power to the unit. Complete instructions with pictures are supplied with every unit.

    Power Requirements

    The MWO requires 115VAC power, standard US power, It can also be configured for 220VAC power for overseas applications. It is not able to be run off DC power without the use of an inverter. Use of a standard grounded three-prong AC outlet is highly recommended.

    Adjusting the Power

    Just as simple as turning up the volume on your stereo! The unit comes with the spark gap set at its initial suggested position however it can be adjusted as desired at any time while the machine is running. No tools are required and it is totally safe and easy. It is not necessary or suggested to run the machine at maximum power, a lower power setting seems to create as much positive energy as the body can absorb anyway. The machine will perform quite nicely with the gaps closed to a nice quiet level.